Mr. Potato Head Character Concept

Mr. Potato Head

Role: Tank

Position: Front

“Ages three and up! It’s on my box. Age three and up! I’m not suppose to be babysitting Princess Drool.”

With changeable body parts, Mr. Potato Head mix-and-matches the battle in his favor.

Entrance: Walks in holding an extra pair of shoes and puts them in his compartment.

Victory: Takes off his mustache and tosses it aside

Defeat: His body parts fall out (like Olaf)

Basic Attack: Throws his hat

White Skill: Mr. Angry Eyes: Mr. Potato Head put on his angry eyes which speeds up attack speed for his allies.

Green Skill: Picasso: Mr. Potato Head shuffle his faces which shuffle any debuffs the enemy might have.

Blue Skill: Pull Yourself Together: When he is defeated, Mr. Potato Head rebuilds himself putting him back into battle.

Purple Skill: A Sight for Detachable Eyes: Mr. Angry Eyes studies enemies.

Red Skill: Money, Money, Money: Coins count doubles with each wave cleared.




Campaign: The Search of Self: Mr. Potato Head’s body parts have wander across the city. So, Olaf helps him get them back.

Disk: Rebuilding Odds: Picasso shuffles enemy positions.


Campaign: A Tail to Tell: Eeyore lost his tail (again) and Mr. Potato Head helps him find it.

Disk: A Little Black Rain Cloud: Imperivious to any speed decrease

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