Mr. Wolf (The Bad Guys, 2016-)

Mr. Wolf (Unlikely Concept)

Description: This big bad wolf turned good, but won’t be afraid to be bad towards you.

Stars: :star2: :star2:

Trial Team: Yellow

Position: Middle

Role: Control

First Appearance: The Bad Guys (Book Series) (2016-)

(Moveset based off the 2022 animated film “The Bad Guys”)

“We were never given a chance to be anything more than criminals. But these are the cards we’ve been dealt, so we might as well play them.”

Basic Animations:

Entrance: Mr. Wolf will crash into the battlefield with his stunning black car. He will slam the car door (The car will disappear) Mr. Wolf will throw of his shades and get ready to rumble.)

Basic Attack: Mr. Wolf will “steal” the closest opponents attack every 5 seconds and will use it against them. The attack will do the same damage and it can even be used on Skills (Special Attacks) (If another Mr. Wolf is on the other team. If they both use the same attack at the same time. The one who used the attack will be stunned for 9 seconds, the other 10.)

Victory: Mr. Wolf will grab a wallet out of his pocket in glamour. (Similar to Scrooge McDuck’s Victory pose.)

Defeat: Mr. Wolf will be arrested by the Chief of Police.


White Skill: Sneaky Getaway :sparkles: (Mr. Wolf will launch a grappling hook at the sky. It will come back down and hit the middle-eat opponent stunning them for 5 seconds and dealing 2005 fantastic damage.)

Green Skill: Wild Card :sparkles::fist: (Passive: Mr. Wolf’s basic attack will do fantastic damage.

Active: There will be a 33.3% of one of these happening

  1. Mr. Snake will eat the farthest opponent for 5 seconds, then will spit them out and deal 4013 normal Damage.
  2. Ms. Tarantula will “hack” into the closest opponent stunning them for 7 seconds.
  3. Mr. Shark will distract the farthest opponent for 6 seconds.)

Blue Skill: King on the Wheel (Mr. Wolf’s car will appear and he will drive into the 4 closest opponents dealing 6000 basic damage each.)

Purple Skill: Criminal Mastermind :fist: (King on the Wheel will now do 9500 normal damage each.)

Red Skill: Going Good :sparkles: (Wild Card’s Active attack’s stun times will now all be 13 seconds.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+11040 Max HP

King On The Wheel will now do 12000 normal damage each.)

Friendship Campaigns:

Mr. Wolf and Flynn Rider

“Turning Good”

Mr. Wolf and Flynn try to work on being better at being good.

Allies: Aladdin, Randall Boggs, and Kronk

Additional Stat Boosts:

+10000 Max HP

Wild Card’s Stuns go for 16 seconds

Mr. Wolf and Clawhauser

“Misinterpreted Look”

Clawhauser thinks Mr. Wolf looks cute. Mr. Wolf hopes everyone else thinks otherwise.

Allies: Nick Wilde, Gadget, and Chip & Dale

Additional Stat Boosts:

+109 Energy

+9200 Max Hp

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