MSH concepts-The Hunchback of Notre Dame characters

Role: Tank
Position: Front

“You helped me. Now I will help you.”

Entrance: Comes with a little bird on his hand. The bird flies away.

Basic attack: Punches the enemy.

Victory: Sits down briefly.

Defeat: Hides his face with his hands.

White Skill: "Made of stone"
Damage type: Normal

Quasimodo calls one of the gargoyles to help him in the battle. His choice depends on the last ally who used an active skill.
Tank: Victor throws a catapult at the backline enemies, dealing X damage in an area.
Damage: Hugo consumes a brick and spits the shards at the closest enemies, dealing X damage with each spit. He spits 14 times.
Support/Control: Laverne calls a flock of pigeons, who deal X damage to all enemies and scare them for 6 seconds.

Green Skill: "The mysterious bell ringer"

The Notre Dame bells ring, silencing enemies for 7 seconds. Silence can fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: "Sanctuary"
Once per battle, when one of Quasimodo’s allies gets KOd, he resurrects him/her, granting X HP. If this ally has max HP less than X, he/she gets max HP. Quasimodo can’t resurrect himself.

Purple Skill: "Out there"

Quasimodo gains X armor for each ally standing. He loses the bonus when his allies get KOd. Charmed enemies don’t give the bonus.

Red Skill: "I’ll be content"

Quasimodo’s ally, revived by “Sanctuary”, gets immuned to slows and disables. This may fail when enemies above level X put the effect.
+Max HP
+HP, given by “Sanctuary”


“Chains off”, Ptotects the resurrected ally
Quasimodo’s ally, revived by “Sanctuary”, get 2*S seconds of invincibility.

Quasimodo/Mike Wasowski
“Who is the monster”, Avoids silencing
+HP healed when avoiding silencing
Quasimodo has a 20*S% to avoid silencing.

Role: Support
Position: Middle

“You speak of justice, yet you are cruel to those most in need of your help.”

Entrance: Comes at the battlefield dancing and bows before the teams. Djali follows her.

Basic attack: Throws a metal hat at the enemy.

Victory: Gets a tambourine and plays it.

Defeat: Blows her nose.

White Skill: "Horned justice"
Damage type: Normal

Passive: Djali fights alongside Esmeralda. She has X HP, X damage and 100% of Esmeralda’s Armor and Reality. If Djali got KOd, this skill calls her back.
Active: Djali punches the closest enemies with her horns, dealing X damage and reducing their armor by X for 6 seconds.

Green Skill: "Inspiring performance"

Esmeralda dances, granting herself 200 energy and increasing her team’s attack speed by 75%.
Allies above level X get 25% boost instead.

Blue Skill: "One of me"
When KOd, Elmeralda releases a “magic” cloud, blinding enemies for 4 seconds. Blinding can fail against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: "The only fool"
Every time Djali hits an enemy with reduced armor, she stuns him/her for 3 seconds. Stunning can fail against enemies above level X.

Red Skill: "The finest girl in France"

“Inspiring performance” charms three closest opponents for 5 seconds. This can fail against enemies above level X.
+Skill power
+Djali’s Basic damage


“January fools”, Heals allies
+Max HP
“Inspiring performance” heals Esmeralda’s allies by 10*S% of her max HP.

Esmeralda/Miguel Rivera
“The Court of Miracles”, Blinds more enemies
Each 4th Esmeralda’s basic attack blinds the enemy for 1,5*S seconds.

Claude Frollo
Role: Damage
Position: Front

“And he shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit!”

Entrance: Comes at the battlefield on Snowball. The horse leaves when Frollo gets off him.

Basic attack: Stabs the enemy with his dagger.

Victory: Smiles viciously.

Defeat: Drops the dagger and falls on his knees.

White Skill: "Hellfire"
Damage type: Fantastic

Frollo lights a torch and throws it at the enemy team. All enemies are dealt X damage over 5 seconds.

Green Skill: "Mark my words"

Frollo warns an enemy with the most Reality, scaring him/her for 10 seconds. Scaring can fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: "Flames of this world"

Frollo makes the closest enemy fight on his side for 6 seconds. This skill has a 50% failure chance. If it fails, Frollo gains 400 energy.

Purple Skill: "The world is wicked"
Damage type: Fantastic

Frollo’s team deals X more damage with their damage per second attacks.

Red Skill: "Power and control"

“Mark my words” scares all enemies. “Flames of this world” gives Frollo 200 energy if the enemy got charmed.
+Basic damage
+Max HP
+Damage dealt by “Hellfire”


Claude Frollo/Hades
“Sinful as a god”, Disables buffs
+Basic damage
“Hellfire” has a 15*S% chance to remove active buffs from the enemy.

Claude Frollo/Gaston
“Weak licentious crowd”, Buffs charmed enemies
Enemies, affected with “Flames of this world” deal 10*S% more damage while the skill is active.

Clopin Trouillefou
Role: Control
Position: Back

“We find you totally innocent, which is the worst crime of all!”

Entrance: Crawls, hiding his face under a red cape, then reveals himself.

Basic attack: Throws a little burning stick at the enemy.

Victory: Gets the puppet and laughs with it.

Defeat: Teases himself with a puppet, then puts his hat on it angrily.

White Skill: "The Feast of Fools"

Clopin puts a “Fooled” effect on all enemies for 3 seconds. When a “Fooled” character uses white skill, he/she deals no damage and heals no HP. “Fooled” may fail against enemies above level X.

Green Skill: "Topsy Turvy"

Clopin plays with a puppet, confusing enemies, silencing them for 8 seconds and stunning for 2 seconds. Both effects may fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: "Lawyers and judge all in one"
Damage type: True

Clopin dresses like Frollo and taps several times with a hammer, dealing X true damage to an enemy who has X or less HP. All other enemies get scaried for 6 seconds. Scaring may fail against enemies above level X. Clopin can use this skill once per wave.

Purple Skill: "A method for spies"
Damage type: Fantastic

When Clopin damages a “Fooled” opponent, he deals X splash damage.

Red Skill: "The day for breaking rules"

“Fooled” enemies get their attack and movement speed reduced by 25%. Slows can fail against enemies above level X.
+Skill power
+Basic damage
+Damage dealt by “A method for spies”


“Hornets in a hive”, Judging two at once
+Basic damage
When using “Lawyers and judge all in one”, Clopin has a 20*S% to KO two enemies(If there are two or more enemies with X HP or less).

“The talent show”, Steals HP from the fools
+Skill power
When a “Fooled” enemy tries to heal himself/herself, Clopin’s weakest ally gets 20*S% of that HP.


I actually like the Quasimodo idea

Esmeralda should have Djali with her like Jasmine has Rajah is my thoughts,maybe djali can dance when esmeralda plays tambourine maybe as a red skill : give allies atk speed/dmg boost or heal ? :slight_smile:cuz djali is an important side kick to Esmeralda is my thoughts :slight_smile: but I super duper love these concepts anyway and I would love to see these characters in the game :heart_eyes: one of my favourite Disney movies (^,^)

Well, I made those way before Red+0 got introduced. I had some ideas for remaking those concepts, so maybe I will :upside_down_face:
Edit: remake under construction!

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The reconstruction is finally done. I wanted to make this a while ago, but kept forgetting.

*Format changed
*Red Skills added
*Basic attacks added
*Some animations changed for all characters
*Some skills changed for all characters except Clopin
*Some disks changed for Esmeralda and Frollo

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