MSH concepts-The Hunchback of Notre Dame characters


Just wanted to share.

Role: Tank
“You helped me. Now I will help you.”

Entrance: Comes with a little bird on his hand. The bird flies away.
Victory: Jumps and stands on his arm smiling, then jumps, returning to “normal”.
Defeat: Falls on his knees and hides his face with his hands.

White skill: “Made of Stone”
Victor, Hugo and Laverne throw 14 stones at the enemy team. Each stone deals X damage. Stones deal 25% more damage to burning foes.
Green skill: “The Mysterious Bell Ringer”
The Notre Dame bells ring, silencing enemies for 7 seconds. Silence can fail against enemies above level 21.
Blue skill: “Sanctuary”
Once per battle, when one of Quasimodo’s allies gets KOd, he resurrects him/her, granting Y HP. If this ally has max HP less than Y, he/she gets max HP. Quasimodo can’t resurrect himself.
Purple skill: “Out There”
Quasimodo gains Z bonus armor for each ally standing. He loses the bonus when his allies get KOd. Charmed enemies don’t give the bonus.

Role: Support
“You speak of justice, yet you are cruel to those most in need of your help.”

Entrance: Comes at the battlefield dancing.
Victory: Gets a tambourine and plays it.
Defeat: Blows her nose. If upgraded to Purple +0, releases a cloud.

White skill: “God Help the Outcasts”
Esmeralda dances, giving X HP to one ally with the lowest HP left. All other allies get 250 Energy.
Green skill: “Horned justice”
Djali runs at Elmeralda’s foes and hits them 3 times. Each hit deals Y damage.
Blue skill: “The Finest Girl in France”
Esmeralda charmes an enemy with the lowest reality for 6 seconds. Have a chance to fail against enemies above level 21.
Purple skill: “Witchcraft”
When KOd, Elmeralda releases a “magic” cloud, blinding enemies for 4 seconds. Blinding can fail against enemies above level 41.

Claude Frollo
Role: Damage
“And he shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit!”

Entrance: Comes at the battlefield and gets his dagger.
Victory: Looks at his dagger smiling viciously.
Defeat: Drops the dagger and falls on his knees.

White skill: “Hellfire”
Frollo lights a torch and throws it at the enemy team. All enemies are dealt X damage over 5 seconds.
Green skill: “Turned to Sin”
Frollo uses his cape to blind the closest opponent for 8 seconds. Enemies above level 21 get blinded for 3 seconds.
Blue skill: “Be mine or you will burn”
Frollo makes the closest enemy fight on his side for 5 seconds. This skill has a 50% failure chance. If it fails, the enemy gets Y damage for 2 seconds.
Purple skill: “The World is Wicked”
Frollo’s team’s attacks over time deal Z more damage per second.

Hunchback of Notre Dame

I actually like the Quasimodo idea


I’m also thinking of disks for these characters.

“Broken chains”
Quasimodo’s “Sanctuary” also gives 1(+1 per star) second of invincibility to the revived ally. Disk levels give bonus armor.

Quasimodo-Mike Wasowski
“Who is the monster”
Quasimodo now has 20%(+20% per star) chance to avoid silencing. Disk levels increase the amount of health he heals after avoiding it.

“January fools”
When Esmeralda’s “God help the outcasts” heals an ally with the lowest HP, all other allies get 10%(+10% per star) HP from that heal. Disk levels increase reality.

Esmeralda-Miguel Rivera
“The Court of Miracles”
Esmeralda’s allies heal each time they attack a stunned/blinded/silenced opponent. They can maximum heal 15%(+15% per star) HP each wave, after that they stop healing. Disk levels increase heal per strike.

“God have mercy on me”
Frollo now has a 20%(+20% per star) chance to scare a burning opponent with his basic attacks. Disk levels increase basic damage.

“Weak licentious crowd”
When Frollo’s “Be mine or you will burn” works, the charmed opponent receives 20%(+20% per star) basic attack bonus. Disk levels increase Frollo’s HP.

Let me know what you think, perhaps you got better ideas:з

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Now I find it unfair. I should include one more.

Clopin Trouillefou
Role: Control
“We find you totally innocent, which is the worst crime of all!”

Entrance: Crawls, hiding his face under a red cape, then reveals himself.
Basic attack: Throws a little burning stick at the enemy.
Victory: Gets the puppet and laughs with it.
Defeat: Slips and falls.

White skill: “The Feast of Fools”
Clopin puts a “Fooled” effect on all enemies for 3 seconds. When a “Fooled” character uses white skill, he/she deals no damage and heals no HP. “Fooled” may fail against enemies above level 1.
Green skill: “Topsy Turvy”
Clopin plays with a puppet, confusing enemies, silencing them for 8 seconds and stunning for 2 seconds. Both effects may fail against enemies above level 21.
Blue skill: “Lawyers and judge all in one”
Clopin dresses like Frollo and taps several times with a hammer, dealing X true damage to an enemy who has X or less HP. All other enemies get scaried for 6 seconds. Scaring may fail against enemies above level 21. Clopin can use this skill once per wave.
Purple skill: “A method for spies”
When Clopin damages a “Fooled” opponent, he deals 25% splash damage. He deals 10% splash damage when attacking a “Fooled” enemy above level 41.

Friendship disks
“Hornets in a hive”
When using “Lawyers and judge all in one”, Clopin has a 20%(+20% per star) to KO two enemies(If there are two or more enemies with X HP or less). Disk levels increase basic damage.

“The talent show”
When a “Fooled” enemy tries to heal himself/herself, Clopin’s weakest ally gets 20%(+20% per star) of that HP(Of the amount that the enemy would get without being “Fooled”). Disk levels increase skill power.