Muckus (Original Concept)

Name: Muckus


Quote: “Are they more of those Area 51 men nearby? I feel extremely vulnerable.”

Description: The slimy and friendly Muckus escaped from Area 51 and is willing to control his enemies and bring gross surprises to the battlefield.

Role: Control

Position: Front

Stars: :star: :star:

Basic Attack: Throws a slimy ball at enemies.

Victory: Juggles his 3 eyeballs.

Defeat: Melts into a slimy puddle.

White Skill: Blobby Barf

Muckus throws up some of his slime barf on all enemies, causing debuffs on enemies to be duplicated to all other enemies who do not have that debuff. These duplicated debuffs last 10 seconds.

The debuff duplication has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Green Skill: Eye See You!

Muckus throws his eyeballs at three different enemies in the battlefield. Enemies hit by the eyes take X damage, are scared for 12 seconds and lose X basic damage for 8 seconds.

Damage Type: :sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Blue Skill: Tounge Twister

Muckus’s long, slimy tounge licks the frontmost enemy, dealing X damage and snaring them for 8 seconds. Snared enemies have their movement speed reduced to 0%. They can still use Basic Attacks and Skills that are within range.

Damage Type: :sparkles: Fantastic Damage

The snare has a chance to fail if enemies are above level X.

Purple Skill: Broken Barriers

When activated, “Blobby Barf” also removes any Shields from enemies. Muckus gains 200 energy per Shield he removes and Muckus grants 2 stacks of Fatigue to any enemy who had a Shield removed.

The Fatigue has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Red Skill: Extremely Vulnerable

Every time that Muckus or an ally debuffs an enemy, they gain a shield with X HP for 12 seconds.

Muckus also gains 150 energy every time he uses “Tounge Twister”.

The energy gain is less effective if enemies are above level X.


Muckus/King Goobot

Disk Name: Goop Troop

Campaign Title: Sunny-Side Up Scheme

Description: Goobot recruits Muckus’ help to invade the city, but Muckus isn’t the type of alien Goobot thinks he is; slimy, evil, and scheming.

Allies: Linguini, Tia Dalma, Lilo

Debuffs Last Longer

  • Debuffs from “Blobby Barf” last 0.8 (+0.8 seconds per star) seconds longer; All debuffs duplicated by “Blobby Barf” are dealt 30% (+30% per star) more damage by Tank role allies
  • BLUE Team heroes on team gain X Basic Damage
  • YELLOW Team heroes on team gain X Skill Power
  • +X Skill Power per ally whose role is Damage


Disk Name: Breakout

Campaign Title: Alien Escape

Description: Muckus wants Stitch to help him find some of his alien friends so they can break out of their containment units.

Allies: Angel, Sulley, Quorra

Enemies are Slowed when Shields Removed

  • +X Max HP to Muckus & Allies
  • When Muckus removes a shield from an enemy with “Broken Barriers” their attack speed is reduced by 10 (+10% more reduction per star) for 3 (+1 second per star)
  • +X Skill Power to Allies while Sapped

A couple questions about Muckus:

What disk would you choose if you would work on Muckus?
  • King Goobot
  • Stitch

0 voters

What tier do you see Muckus in?
  • S-Tier
  • A-Tier
  • B-Tier
  • C-Tier
  • D-Tier

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This is a Kermit counter, isn’t it?
Good concept.

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He is meant to be a counter against shield heroes and heroes that rely on buffs. Thanks for the compliment, what do you like about my concept? With that said, enjoy yourself on the forums!

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