Mulan concept

Mulan is a very popular hero around the forums.Well,here’s mine.

Mulan is a 2 star front-line hero(and damage)

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It’s only a shell of a concept… perhaps you’ll edit this later?


I agree with @HeroSSWin. It’s only the stars and the invisible quote (heh). Hope you can edit this from time to time (preferably day by day) and then you can slowly complete it. Hope it turns out better than Detectival Secre’s concepts

If your concept is incomplete, don’t post it. Just type it in sticky notes or notepad, and then just copy and paste it into the forums when you finish it. :slight_smile:

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Or just stick arou d for an hour and think it through bery slowly.

Mulan concept:continued.

Basic attack:hits an enemy,(with her sword)dealing Y damage

White:honor to us all:passive:a group of huns run across the screen,shuffling all enemies.(idea from QH’s “shuffle”)active:launches a cannon,dealing knockback and 2345 damage.fantastic damage

Green:reflection:at the start of combat,the ancestors heal Mulan and her allies.

Blue:Mushu’s fiery:when Mulan reaches 0HP,Mushu engulfs the enemies with flames,scaring them.This also grants Mulan 2345 HP.fantastic damage

Purple:who I am:Mulan can now dodge attacks.

Friends:Merida:lesson number one(idea from a song from Mulan 2):Mulan also stuns on white skill.Robin hood:good skill:" reflection " also shields.

Note:purple is similar to hiro’s

You can just edit the top post to include that. Also, please use spacing so it’s easier to read.

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Skill Review Time😁

  • White Skill: um a passive is more of a unique part of the active skill but it’s nothing unique so why add it? The active is something that has been used for a active multiple time for Mulan concepts so very bland. B-

  • Green Skill: um not useful your clearly saying at the start when there already full health?! Atleast it’s something new… C-

  • Blue Skill: um not a bad skill but she never does this in the movie making it unlogical for one of her skills… C+

  • Purple Skill: Nice touch but how often does she dodge attacks add details because it seems OP that she can do this anytime?

I give this concept a 2/10 it’s fresh to mulan concepts but many of these skills are useless and aren’t even explained well! Not much else to say and again WHY EVERYTHING IN BLOCK QUOTES! it makes the concept look hideous! 2/10