Mulan Counter?

Delete her please! :slight_smile:

Jokes by side tho, it’s almost impossible to kill her in any „easy“ way. You have to use Timon&Pumba and your own Mulan most likely. Also Donald is a good option to prevent her random stun at the start of the battle. So you already need 3 specific heroes to only counter 1! It’s getting more and more ridiculous and depressiv.

Also with all this INSANE colli/arena rules, People who have a lower roster automatically lose more value on their heroes, because it’s all about the basic stats. This was the worst combination you guys could have done, this actually makes me feel that arena and colli is gonna be all about spending too now.

Honestly you have to remove like 50% of her skills damage, her disk and I don’t even wanna talk about her Almost 90% Evasion. For Randal you at least introduced Magicia, Gerald and now Jumba, so he’s almost completely useless after a lot of people pumped him up. I can’t imagine such a counter for Mulan tho, the only thing I can imagine, is a strong CC (crowd control) hero with a disk that ignores/removes evasion. The sad part is, that this will happen more likely than a Mulan nerf, because they told us that after Randal no over powered hero was released. That’s just laughable!

I know that you can somehow „easy“ counter her using heroes like I mentioned and also sap heroes, but do you really want to be forced to use 3-4 heroes just to prevent one hero from killing you instantly? I don’t even wanna know what rules are coming up in next season, what about: „Heroes released this season and got to max rank can one shot every team in 1 second“.

This shouldn’t look like a flaming/ranting comment, but I really get tiered from this game and it really makes me feel bad, because I used to love this game so much. The only real reason I stay is my guild, and this is not a good game design if the most people feel like this.


This is wrong again! Please read Polaris’ messages. They said that nobody dominated the META in the way Randall did after him.
Please don’t understand this wrong, just wanted to correct you
Greetings, Irrer Minnie :kissing_heart:

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No, they’re right. Mulan is overpowered, it’s just that she hasn’t dominated the meta as well as Randall… apparently


Sorry. I didn’t mark the whole thing.

And this is wrong.

I know that Mualn is OP. Who doesn’t know that?

That’s what I said in my post…

@lrrer_Minnie sarcasm doesn’t carry too well through text.

Aside from that, the only hard counter I know of is Goliath(Th). His red skill just absorbs all of her rockets, leaving Mulan useless.

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I wasn’t sarcastic… Which post do you mean?

Can we start again?

I said that this isn’t true in my first post in this thread. Nothing else.

I don’t really understand what you trying to say Minnie, my English isn’t the best, I can’t figure out what you mean :sweat_smile:

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You said Polaris said that there haven’t been any OP heroes after Randall. That’s not true. He said that no hero dominated the META in the way Randall did.

Wait. Are you German? It says you’re called Zwerg Hook. It would be awesome cause I’m Austrian… :joy::sweat_smile::kissing_heart:

Yes indeed, I am from Germany haha :grin:

Not gonna happen

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Anyway, @DarkwingCoco, I’d say the best Mulan character is probably Goliath with his red. Mulan is very weak to enemies with high armor and thanks to his red, he completely nullifies her green skill and active.

Also, with a maxed Beast disk, Goliath can begin guarding immediately, giving her no window to stop him.

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Eventually counters will come. I know of an upcoming red skill that should help - but that does not do much for those who can’t have red skills yet. We just need to be patient.

I think one upcoming hero could be a counter to mulan as her skillet has yet to be leaked but all we have to do is wait

Honestly, seems like the easiest way to fix your issue is to start investing in that hero? Like if you know a hero is powerful, then just invest in them so you can get further in the game. More often than not, PerBlue doesn’t care about our issues so work the system in your favor. It’s the only way to win.

Let me start by saying I do think Mulan is somewhat overpowered, is too prevalent in the meta, and is sometimes fiendishly difficult to counter, there’s some points you raised that I think merit discussion.

It’s certainly very difficult to defeat Mulan, and certain combinations (looking at you, Li Shang and Timon & Pumbaa) can make it almost impossible. But while using your own Mulan, Timon & Pumbaa, and Donald can make it easier to beat her, they aren’t strictly necessary; I’ve rarely used Donald against her and sometimes will leave out Mulan or T&P when going against her, and I have a friend who, I suspect, usually doesn’t use any of those three when facing her.

This may be true, but it’s not impossible for relatively-weaker players to still do well in Challenger this month. One of our top 10 players in arena on server two is, I think, outside the top 1000 in total power, certainly outside the top 600.

Randall was introduced in mid-October of last year, Magica in mid-January of this year, GM&N in mid-February, and Jumba last month, so it was three months until his first counter was introduced. Mulan, in contrast, was introduced in mid-April, and Goliath at the beginning of June, so that’s only a 1.5 month delay. And Jumba’s blue and red skills nullify Evasion and Dodging, so there’s another Mulan counter. There’s also sap heroes, like you mentioned, some of whom have been in the game since before Mulan.

The exact quote from the State of the Game:

While I would argue that several recent heroes, most notably Mulan but not limited to her, are too powerful, it’s true that no one has been as overwhelming and overpowered as Randall was after his introduction; even now, Mulan isn’t nearly as dominant in the meta as Randall was in his prime. I think talking about whether recent heroes are “merely” powerful vs. “too” powerful is a discussion worth having, but it would help if everyone can avoid misrepresenting what the other side has said.

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Mulan is not so big of a problem anymore with maximus in the game. But if u don’t have good team building experience It will still be hard.

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