Mulan green ability bug

I have experienced issues with the green ability for Mulan not triggering at all at the start of battle or when targeting certain Heroes the ability will miss entirely. Has anyone else encountered these kinds of issues? (server 22)


No it’s working

Ok, not sure if this is the intended behavior or not, but the missile can miss the target if the target walks forward at the start of battle. Seems like such a weak ability if it can be countered so easily without any strategy. In 1v1 spars it misses a lot of heroes.

But I have also seen the animation break where she jumps out and there is no missile launched.

Yah I experienced that also but her green skill doesn’t miss if it’s a pvp fight not spar

Like if she fights 1v1

I have had it miss certain targets who start off screen in PvP

Maybe it depends on the situation

I have 2 videos to show proof that it doesn’t work correctly but can’t post here as it doesn’t support them.

It only happens in arena battles not sparring. Mulan enters the battlefield first in arena but last in

Here you go I think I got it working now uploaded them to YouTube

1st video shows it not working correctly during an arena fight. She enters the battlefield first so her firework doesn’t hit

2nd video was a spar and she enters last and her firework clearly hit animal and does it job correctly


Thanks for posting that. That is exactly what I was experiencing. I’m giving up on using her until they fix it. She loses so much power by being so unreliable.


No problem hopefully someone on the dev team notices the thread and can see the problem from the videos I posted

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I’m having that same issue in the server 19

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If she arrive 1st in battle, It’s 100% miss

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@Polaris is this being monitored or getting fix in the next patch ?

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I’ve passed this to the team to look into.


Thank you :blush:

Yes! That I have the same problem, seré 21 that issue sucks… I reported with a ticket but just was a… “We are working for you”…

What about Tigger’s red skill bug?
On the video, it shows that he begin with 1 stack of bouncy, and his first attack gives 2nd stack, sometimes he have 2 stacks at the start.
He should begin with 0 stacks.

Yeah, I’m having that same bug happening to me too. (Server 2)

This getting fixed anytime soon ? Noticed no mention of bug fixes in the latest patch

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