Mulan+pumba comp without using pumba

Anyone got good comp vs mulan pumba?.
Without using pumba?.

Tron (maxed Flynn disk) and Shank (red skill).
And someone needs to be behind Tron so he doesn’t get hit by Mulan’s rocket.
Not the cheapest to have though…

OR you can just use Goliath, but he needs maxed red skill and Beast disk, so it’s even less cheap.

no, it’s not. :confused:

Or use HDL :wink:

Rockets always hit them and miss them


Well at least that will block the initial rocket lol


Problem Is whenver I use tron In arena…Even hesnt backmost…Stupid rockets hits him :man_facepalming:

Evil queen goes behind tron

So that’s why I’ve been seeing them a lot more lately; thanks!

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