Mulan's shields

Guys does the shields in mods counts on mulan’s purple skill?

I would assume so, but so far it’s impossible to get the necessary upgrade pieces unless you’re in challengers.

I can get the upgrade pieces in invasion if possible

The new upgrade pieces have been dropping in the last few invasions; I think they’ve been cycling in one new piece every week.

About the mod upgrades, you can get them, even without being in Challengers. You can now get them in invasions and special invasions. But that is a good question, I was asking that earlier today.

This week we back to old upgrades.

And any shield count to Mulan’s purple.

It works, it also works on her starting ability making it super crit

I’ve been fighting Mulan at maxed level (170) and she is impossible to beat, unless i get extremely lucky. She has so much evasion that even when i throw at her 4 disables in the span of the first 2 seconds of battle, she dodges them everytime in both arena and coli. And i’ve been losing to her for 2 weeks now. Anyone got a counter to her?

I think Shan yu is a better counter to Mulan

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Shan yu is literally a ‘all my abities will counter mulan’ kind of hero

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