Mushu, Elsa and the unsolveable conundrum

This is not the first time this has happened.
The last time, I had to compensate by raising the other participant so their basic damage was higher then Mushu’s, forcing Elsa to target them instead.
I cannot do that this time.

So as an alternative strategy, is there anything I can do with Mushu to make him resistant to freezes?
Elsa keeps reapplying the freeze, so Mushu is permafrozen.

Keep in mind this is the first chapter of a fiendship, so no-one elsa is available.

Who is the other hero in the friendship?

It looks like you’d need to have them strong enough to be able to kill the Elsa so Mushu can become un-frozen.


Since Mushu doesn’t get any evasion upgrading him more won’t change anything. The only thing you can do is upgrade the other toon that’s with him. That’s Gerald, right?

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Well,based on that information, time to abandon this fiendship.
I was told all you need to do is raise one member of the pair to Red10 and they would carry the other one, but it looks like that strategy only works if they do not encounter Elsa.

So there is nothing that can allow Mushu to survive the freeze or shorten the duration of the effect?

To be candid, getting this disc was not that important to me, I was only going for it because it might have made another friendship campaign easier.

No evasion or tenacity on Mushu even on the last yellow rank which sucks. So you can’t do anything about his initial frozen state, unless you raise Gerald’s basic damage higher than Mushu. Or, just raise Gerald so he can kill the enemies by himself. Or, abandon the friendship :sweat_smile:


Are you sure it’s Gerald? I mean, there’s also Basil and the Manticore :man_shrugging:

I am dismayed to have to mention this again, but @Filadae_Djaq , I have no interest in communicating with you, because you incite conflict based on the fact my preferences for Disney Characters do not meet with your approval.

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I am dismayed to have to say this at all, but @Tilarta, I wasn’t talking directly to you.

And I’m sorry if my assisstance did/does not meet your standards, but I will kindly ignore your request, because you never take criticism as feedback based on the mentality that criticism is “negative”.

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