Mushu’s memary disk

Mushu’s memary disk with Gerald don’t work anymore after this upgrade, please fix it!! I need it for invasion!!

Can you be more specific? It will help find and fix any bugs.
When you say it doesn’t work, what exactly do you mean? Is it as if you don’t have the disc equipped? Or is it working but not in the way you expect it? Maybe it isn’t working all the time, or in particular game modes.
The more information you give, the more likely it is that a solution will be found. Screenshots are also very helpful.

My Mushu has a 3 stars Gerald disk, and it should give him 60% chance to super crit to scared enemy

But it now don’t work, like the following pic. the bot is scared ,but Mushu don’t super crit in even one shot!!
I’m sure this didn’t show before the latest upgrade…cause in the last yellow invasion, Mushu is my main power.

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It’s hard to say of there is actually a problem here as the disc effect is % based and as such would be expected to fail a fair amount of the time.
Perhaps @Polaris can ask someone to double check it for you and confirm whether or not the disc is working as advertised.

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