My 10 characters i would like to see in this game

Quasimodo in esmeralda and goliath also

Well maybe Quasimodo is next esmeralda is in the game now

And Goliath too

That’s not how it works. Just because someone is mentioned dosen’t mean it’s a hint of any sort. Nothing but sheer coincidence.

Besides the devs plan characters months ahead of time. If you think they have pattern, they released a completely different character. So, this logic is invalid to say the least.

That’s true it could be that they have a plan for now

  1. Horned King
  2. Taran of black cauldron
    3.humphrey bear
    4.roger rabbit
    5.Flint Heart Glomgold
    6.sher khan
  3. Pain and panic Hercules
  4. Witch Hazel
    9.Ajax the Gorilla
  5. Dr. Frankenollie
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Are you asking me to stop sharing my character prediction lists, mentions, and speculations? Am I talking about that too much?

… That’s not what Toon was talking about at all. They were only saying that just because a character is mentioned in a campaign doesn’t mean they’re confirmed to be coming anytime soon.


So I can still predict but y’all just don’t want me to get too excited because the characters I’ve predicted may not be the ones the devs have in mind to add to the game.

Top 10 characters I want to see on Disney Heroes Battle Mode:

  1. Lightning Mqueen
  2. Bonnie & Stu Hopps
  3. Flik & Hemilich
  4. Celia Mae
  5. Charles Muntz
  6. 7 Dwarfs
  7. Lady & the Tramp
  8. Gazelle
  9. Bing-Bong
  10. Marry Poppins
    Honorable Mentions: Joe Gardner, Aristocats, Arlo & Spot, Luxo Jr., Chip N Dale, Clarice, Bert, Luca and Alberto, Raya, Mater, other Coco characters, Cruella Devil, Jaq & Gus, Pinnochio, Bambi, Tarzan, Anna, Bolt, Phineas and Ferb, and other Big Hero 6 characters (including Fred and Gogo). That’s all for now.:sweat::yawning_face::sleeping:

You didn’t put 7, 8, and 10 in there

Russell was mentioned (I believe) in Judy and Chief Bogo’s campaign along with Clawhauser, which they both ended up in the game later on. But I do understand stand that characters mentioned in the game doesn’t reflect on them to eventually come.:pensive:

I agree, because Star Wars had plenty of characters from beginning to present, so I don’t think they’re needed in this game after all. I would also say the same thing to Marvel, because despite being owned by Disney, (similar to what I said with Star Wars) Marvel had like hundreds of characters, so I don’t think their needed in here either.

It wasn’t an opinion…
PB has said no Marvel or Star Wars.
And please keep your thoughts to one comment or else it becomes spammy.


I understand now people are trying to get me to quit telling them about all these character mentions in the game. They understand I’m excited that these characters have a chance of appearing, but that doesn’t mean they will, and if they do, it will be months from now. One example is, Ariel was mentioned in one of the missions of the Evil Queen and Madam Mim’s campaign, but she hasn’t appeared yet. That’s what Mister Toon was trying to explain to me, that the characters I’ve been talking about may or may not appear months from now. People here are trying to help me understand how PerBlue operates. I may correctly predict some of the characters on my list, but I may not be right all the time. But people are saying don’t have high expectations that we are going to get those characters on the next update. But also, I know now I cannot share information from outside sources like the Disney Wiki and the Battle Mode Wiki. If I see characters that have been datamined there, don’t tell people here. Keep it to myself. Especially if they haven’t heard it yet from the developers.

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Sorry about that. I’ll try my best next time.:pensive:

I am trying not to post so much but I have been thinking about this… I can understand now why people here question whether TaleSpin characters should be added.

I’ve wondered if some people here hate TaleSpin due to the controversy over the episodes Last Horizons and Flying Dupes and Jungle Book fans don’t recognize Baloo as a cargo pilot and Louie as the owner of a run down night club. Fans here are more familiar with 1967 Baloo and Louie so those are the ones that PerBlue went with and got approved.

I’m also starting to think we may or may not get TS characters due to said controversy. This is why people have been trying to explain to me that the badges and character mentions mean nothing. Some of the badges represent IPs that Disney has said no to, like Tarzan. But that doesn’t stop people from suggesting him or making concepts for him.

In the friendship campaigns, people were trying to explain to me that the characters in the game are just talking and that just because a character is mentioned doesn’t mean Disney is going to approve that character for the game.

What? There is no controversy and there is no hate on Talespin. All i said was they are a mystery when it comes to eligibility and that’s it. No controversy, no hate, no ands, ifs, or buts about it. There just questionable. It’s not even confirmed if PB are even doing Talespin characters or not.

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Okay, thank you, Mister Toon, for clarifying and clearing up the confusion. it is nice to know there are TaleSpin fans here.

.t top.1 are raya , Dr beetlestein , the mayor of Halloween town, the pumpkin king, screensaver , classic Mr incredible rizzo the day

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