My 10 characters i would like to see in this game

  1. Leroy
  2. Cruella
  3. Gogo
  4. Dean Hardscrabble
  5. Waternoose
  6. Earl Sinclair
  7. Fran Sinclair (either Earl or Fran with Baby?)
  8. B.P. Richfield
  9. Bing Bong
  10. King Candy/Turbo

Good choices! Especially the Dinosaurs picks.

Here’s my top 10.

10 Shego
9 Warmonga
8 Evelyn Deavor
7 Don Karnage
6 Luz Noceda
5 Marcy Wu
4 Will Vandom
3 Cricket Green
2 Scooter
1 Mira Nova


Mira Nova :heart_eyes: I say YEEES ! With Booster Munchapper and XR (and why not the Aliens)

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Ah! I see you are a man of culture, as well.

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Haha I even still have the VHS of this movie :joy:



I want Dr Finklstien the mayor of Halloween town and cause Disney now owns star wars I want the
mandolorion beskar armour and grogu# baby Yoda and Darth Vader

How about moff gidion as well

First off, can you please keep this all to one comment?
Secondly, Star Wars is not coming to DHBM, confirmed by PerBlue.


N No moff gidionTHEN!

Literally why



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My top ten characters
1.shenzi, banzai and Ed
2. Star butterfly
3. Tarzan
4. Cruella de vil
5. Anna
6. Phineas and ferb
7. Lumier
8. Ariel
9. Lilo
10. Negaduck
Please don’t forget on my requests I’m barely new. If just one I’ll just ask then star butterfly. Thanks for reading and thinking on my requests.

I don’t think there going to add tarzan because of license issues

Then instead of Tarzan how about ratigan. It’s weird though if Tarzan having liscense problems.

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Also thanks for the response

My 10 characters I want.
10. Bing bong
9. Flik(a bugs life)
8. B.E.N
7. Milo thatch
6.Joe Gardner
5. Daisy Duck
4. Arlo and spot
3. Bolt
2. Lilo

  1. Anna

Wat do you guys think of my characters to appear in the game

I agree they should add NegaDuck to the game. He’s Darkwing’s evil twin and I think he’s a funny villain from the show. “I HATE cute and cuddly!” - NegaDuck

And I believe they are hinting at Anna in Pocahontas and Elsa’s friend campaign. Some people don’t believe the character mentions are clues, but I do because there have been times where we’ve gotten characters right after a mention but not always. I mean Wasabi was mentioned in normal campaign chapter 16 and after that, he released. Clawhauser was mentioned in Dash and Vanellope’s friend campaign and it was three years before we got him.

Ooh that’s good to hear wat about you do u have any characters u want in the game

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