My 5 Most Requested Heroes

My 5 Most Requested Heroes and ways to fit them into the game.

  1. Cruella De Vil (Next Prize Wall) A Guide to Disney's Different Versions of Cruella de Vil - Inside the Magic
  2. Tiana (July Sign-In)Tiana Is an Excellent Princess Who Deserves a Better Movie | The Mary Sue
  3. Cinderella (Prize Wall After Cruella)Cinderella Added to National Film Registry - D23
  4. Prince Naveen (August Sign-In)Naveen | Disney Princess & Fairies Wiki | Fandom
  5. Giselle (Enchanted), (Prize Wall After Cinderella)Giselle From Enchanted | Enchanted - Pip & Giselle | Disney enchanted, Giselle  enchanted, Disney art

Anyways thanks for reading.

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You do realize that characters are planned out months in advance, right? So unless these characters are actually waiting in the wings to be released, suggesting where they should go like this isn’t exactly the most feasible thing.


no I did not realize that, I joined under 2 months ago

also, are you sure months? that seems like a long time, I would guess maybe a month or two, Like they could’ve started the Sleeping Beauty update in early May or late April, planned out their skills, and stuff like that/

I’m not sure where Perblue said this, but in one of the Q&A’s (I think), they said that it takes them 6 months to make a hero.


Or maybe longer. 6 months since movie “Onward” came out with Ian, about 1 year with Barley. 9 months since movie “Raya and the last Dragon” came out with Raya, about 1 year with Namaari.

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Months. The art and programming take a healthy bit of time, and everything has to get Disney’s approval.

I would imagine Giselle is more difficult than other characters, as her image is based on an actual person. At best that throws another level of approvals into the mix.

My understanding is that the image rights and royalties are one of the reasons Giselle was held out of the Disney Princess brand.

PotC also has this. I think it could be based off the animated one though as it doesn’t look too much like Amy Adams

No. She has part of the movie as a cartoon as I posted her image as a cartoon character.

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