My account

Hi I’m mayor dug and I have a question about my account because my old phone Moto e5 is not working anymore and I have account for this game and lost all my game data
So how can I bring the game data back to the new phone

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did you connect your account to google play games or facebook?

Google play

log in to the google play account used in the google play app

go to the game and click “Lost Account?” and then click Google Play

that works for me


But I have a new phone iPhone xr

Oh then

then you need to get an android phone :thinking:


Or you can link your account with E/Gmail if I’m not mistaken

wasnt that facebook?

Which facebook again :dizzy_face:

Unfortunately my old phone isn’t working anymore and lost all my game data so I have to restart the game all over again

With my new iPhone XR

I will wait until next week but thx for helping out

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The game is cross platform if he uses Gmail login he can play on Android and aswell on iOS devices.

Wait really? :thinking:

Did it work?

I didn’t do it yet

No I tried but it didn’t work

No it didn’t work

Hmmmmm idk :thinking:

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