My edit of my wishlist

Here are my suggestions for today:

Muppets: Sam eagle,rowlf dog, dr. Teeth

Mickey mouse and friends: Pete, big bad wolf

Lion king: trio hyenas, mufasa

Little mermaid: Triton, ariel or prince Eric

Princess and the frog: crocodile what was his name?

Snow white: grumpy

Inside out: jangles the clown

Hercules: pain and panic(duo)

Hunchback of Notre dame: quasimodo,claude frollo

Peter pan: mr.smee, wendy darling

Lady and the tramp: lady, tramp (each separate), rusty

Pocahontas: John Smith, the villain what was his name?

Bolt: mittens, bolt

Jungle book: baghera, shere khan

Pirates of the Caribbean: Elizabeth swann, maccus, captain solozar

Atlantis: milo

… What do you mean by your wish list “for today”?


They made another topic called “ideas of today”. I think they are making a topic every day with characters they would like to see :grimacing:

Much better to put this all in ONE topic

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Do you think that one of the above is possible to enter the game?

That’s not the point I was making. As CodeMore6 mentioned, it’s better that you make one big, complete wishlist than a bunch of separate ones.

Oh ok deal @Myeong have any
more suggestions for the wish list

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