My first hero strategy guide

Usually I just stay on creative corner, but i felt like i wanted to spread a little bit. This is my first strategy guide, so if you disagree with anything please correct me.
Usually I use mushu,collette and rapunzel.
If you use rapunzel white move to pull in the enemy at the same time as collette is using her white move the combo will hurt the enemy and bring them closer so they are weak enough to finish all together. Mushu will damage other enemy’s during the time. Only use mushu’s skill on wave 3/3 and it will damage the enemy’s deeply if you have him at a good enough level.if you liked mg first guide then thankyou for reading till the end =) I will start posting on other than creative corner from now on. Cya!


Very great advice. If only Auto could be off in Arena and Coli :expressionless:


It was most likely this


What was it flagged for i.e. ‘off-topic’, ‘spam’, ‘inappropriate’?

Its was neither of them, I know that

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