My Last Wishlist request on DHBM

Since Malin Lee is soon coming to DHBM. My Last Wishlist are soon coming to DHBM is:

Since Two new Hercules including Zuez, and Phill are coming to DHBM, Reminds me that of one of Aladdin characters is almost complete, is his furry best sidekick friend name ABU.

He has sword and quick attack to enemies and had friendship that I thinks:

ALADDIN: Abu and Aladdin had their Adventure Days to stop enemies who is they up to no good. But still Aladdin and Abu will stop enemies and save the city

RON STOPABLE: I know Ron don’t like bad monkeys except good monkey. Whatever Ron is helping Abu to find a street rat and bring the monkey back to him.

Firstly: Besides Ron. IDK which is simple character to make fun things for on Abu’s Friendship Camping

Secondly: NO, OFF-TOPIC ALOUD on my page

And Thirdly: Don’t say that Abu is coming to prize wall. Just not yet, it’ll be too soon

Here’s the original concept of him

But that’s not a hero concept.

It would be okay for this under hero wish list section.

I didn’t put on Hero Concept of him. It’s just explained whatever it make him upcoming to DHBM like Two Hercules, One Kim Possible character, and Two Atlantis Characters.

Clearly hero concepts section.

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