My list heros

I would like to recommend a playable characters the would like to added to

  • Dave the barbarian
    *lightning McQueen
    *mater or boost wingo DJ
    *empire cusco
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And the title doesn’t make sense

Sorry first time that’s my hero name on the game

Still. Change the title

And who is Wingo DJ?

Boost, Wingo, and DJ are three different Characters all coming from the same franchise: Cars.

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The three racing cars

Yes I would like them come to the game just like stich wanted

You know, a concept regarding these 3 would be appreciated…

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Hope this helps more (:slight_smile:

@Defender_gil welcome to the forums. Have you thought about what kind of skills you would like these characters to have?

Don’t worry at all about the title. I assume that English isn’t your first language but we can work out what you are trying to say.

My first prediction on s skill attacks for these 3
Wingo sunglasses protection from damage or a horn attack that does damage to other enemies
Boost would have a nos attack to hit enemies does double damage with friendship with other cars characters and same horn attack does damage
DJ has his DJ sound boost that gives attack power for all Disney heroes us extra damage with cars characters and same horn attack as well (:

Thanks for reading my post everyone (:

And here’s a question: Would it be human Kuzco, or Llama Kuzco?

Both as played characters also patcha and izma as the bad one and drunk as a healer

Boost, Wingo, and DJ are not coming. They are minor characters. All they did was cause McQueen’s disappearance. Screen time: 2-3 minutes

Damn @The_Death_Note try some positivity! You’re being a real downer for no particular reason on this thread.

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Then I am positive Boost, Wingo, and DJ are never coming to the game

Why does this give off a Trolls vibe?

Who me? I was trying to reference Inside Out

(I don’t like Trolls, *shudders*)

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