My Own Team Guide (Part 2)

Vanellope: The best fit for Pooh and is somewhat strong


  • All position damage dealer (She targets the midline with her white skill, targets the front with her green skill and the backline enemies with her blue skill. This is useful in taking some damage out of them and it doesn’t need to defeat the frontline heroes first. She also cannot be damaged as she cannot be targeted while using her white skill. )

  • High splash damage and evasion(Splash damage is dealt when enemies are near the target and damage is dealt to the surrounding. Her evasion is high and helps to decrease her chances of applying a disable from an enemy to her)

  • Somewhat weak (Even though her HP is high after applying a red skill which increases her HP, without it, she can be defeated easily, especially since she doesn’t have disables
  • No disables (Even though she has a debuff, which is the slow, it lasts for only 3 seconds which is quite short to me. And if she has no disables in any skills, at least she has high evasion to compensate for the otherwise low duration of the slow.)
Red skill

Racing Ahead: Vanellope prefers to target slowed enemies when using “Soda Geyser”. If she damages a slowed enemy, other nearby enemies are slower by 75% for 11 seconds and gains 150 energy. This skill is brilliant because although enemies are slowed for 3 seconds, if she can damage the same enemy, she has a chance to splash the slow to nearby enemies, they are even slower than Vanellope’s original target. But although this has a chance to fail, Vanellope can now deal more damage with her “Lollipop Slammer” and the damage is almost equal to what Vanellope’s green and blue skill.

Pairing Allies

Slowers like Pooh should be used. According to some gamers here, Pooh slows all enemies permanently until they are KO. With Dash’s disk, Vanellope and Pooh can deal more damage. And with Pooh’s stacks of “hunny” applied and slow, Vanellope has a higher chance to gain more energy and activate her white skill faster. A 100% Win-win relationship.


With the addition of her red skill, Vanellope doesn’t need a HP mod as the HP given in this skill increases steadily. For skill power mods, apply upgrades to all mods as all of them are useful and can increase the numerical value, especially since the numbers are affected by skill power. For basic damage mods, the fantastic crit is high. But all of the upgrades are equally good.

Next up, Kevin Flynn: My reliable support hero

  • Debuff cleanse (Flynn clears all debuffs, active or passive. This is a good alternative if your allies do not have evasion)
  • Good utilities (Flynn offers twice as much healing as compared to damage with his green skill. And offers a high HP shield and is randomly applied. There’s no systematic format of applying shield. Flynn also offers reality, which is perfect for low reality heroes like Shank.)
  • Low to NO damage (If Flynn’s team has high HP and is going strong, then there will be damage by his green skill. His white skill damage increase when upgraded is low and for a hero like mine (Level 171, Red+5 rank), he only 60000+.
  • Low Fantastic crit (Although Flynn deals fantastic damage with his skills, his fantastic crit gives him a 0% chance of making a fantastic critical damage)
  • No tenacity (Although Flynn has a debuff cleanse, if he is disabled, he may be KO and if he is also the sole healer of his team, that may be a problem as things will go downhill fast without a healer.)
Red skill

Increased Broadband: Flynn extends the timer on buffs applied to allies for 5 seconds when activating “Power Cleanse” and stops the duration of the timers when using “Data Shield”. This is useful for temporary buffs (ie. Armor given to allies by Kristoff and Sven or Rapunzel’s reality is extended in terms of duration)

Pairing Allies

Flynn should be paired with a tank that deals damage or a damage dealer with disables since he doesn’t have tenacity to reduce his chances of being KOed.


The game recommends applying 1 HP, 1 basic damage and 2 skill power mods. Since his blue skill already has a bonus, add the upgrades for other skills. For the HP mod, add a shield or a stat boost. And for the basic damage mod, it is best not to apply the fantastic crit as the stat is super low.

BTW, if you’re seeing this post now, the guide is not finished. Do not read it until editing is complete.

@Prince_Tamatoa_III as far as Kevin Flynn’s recommended mods go…it’s hardly ever correct. Basic damage mods aren’t the smartest for him, as you would need 2 max basic crit mods on him, plus another one half upgraded for his crit to be guaranteed(3 Basic damage mods there) Doesn’t necessarily need any HP mods either, just dependent on your level and how much you have him upgraded. I’d honestly recommend either using 4 skill power mods, or 3 skill power and 1 HP mod.

Vanellope can’t be invisible. Have you read her skills?

They might mean while using her white…

Also no offense, but so far this team is not very reliable.

So she becomes invisible when using her white? Never seen her invisible.

But untargetable…

Then they should have used the phrase untargetable. There is a huge difference.

Yes… It was just an idea from me…

I know. No worries pal. @Prince_Tamatoa_III where do you use this team and what ranks are they at?

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He can’t be disabled :man_facepalming:


He shouldn’t ever be the sole healer of a team, his heal isn’t guaranteed and not even super beneficial to an ally that gets it. He has uses, but healing isn’t really a good one

@Prince_Tamatoa_III, The_Ryno is right. I often use Kevin Flynn but it’s most certainly not for his meh healing. The only real uses he has are his shields and his reality boost, even the debuff cleanse is rarely worth it.

As for mods you’ll be best off giving him 4 skill power mods with purple skill upgrades.

You clearly don’t understand these heroes enough to be making a guide on them.


Most situations (ie. First team on Coliseum, Arena, in Campaign)

I said if. That’s the situation for my current team but with Rapunzel’s power increased, I just use her.

It’s possible. First question: Backline targeters like Elsa can freeze him. If he is frozen, his skills cannot be used for now.

He can’t get frozen :man_facepalming:

Look at his purple skill

Yup. Should have changed the word. Sorry. Give me a minute

Oh, shoot. ****

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