My problem with Arena and Coliseum

Is anyone else stuck in Coliseum and Arena? For me, I am a level 114 player. And as such I can’t defeat players with say level 120 above. However my problem with Arena right now (and coliseum suffers this problem too a bit) is that everyone is Red and very high leveled. It’s almost impossible for me to reach at least top 30 in Arena. I wish PB would scale Arena and Coliseum to players who aren’t doing well. Like if it was with players at similar levels, but not too much that their like a bit too far out of your play. Like it makes Arena and Coliseum boring to play. Just everyday you see in your mailbox, " You’ve been defeated in Arena!" And you see its someone who is like 20 levels higher then you. Coliseum is better in the sense that it is easier to make your way up. Whereas Arena suffers heavily from the problem that if you’re too weak, you’re just going to get lower and lower. But this is just my perpective on this. Maybe it’s just me being too weak for arena. Or something else. I’m well open to feedback on this topic.

Lo que tienes que hacer es tener una formación estratégica no afuerza tus más fuertes

Contactame por este medio y te enseñaré una estrategia de héroes yo soy nivel 150 así que te puedo ayudar

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