My Ralph is attacked

In the arena and city watch,my Ralph keeps getting knocked out.Any tips?

Yeah. Use another character. Ralph has been the worst character in the game for over a year now, there’s no point in keeping him in a team. He’s not gonna survive unless you use him with Meg, which is a waste of a good support to be honest.
(Sorry if this sounds rude to anyone, just trying to help)


If you really like using Ralph than you may look into putting him on a team with allies that boost his defenses. People like Joy, Launchpad, Animal and others can help with that.

You may also look into getting his disk with Jack Sparrow as that gives him improved healing and a heal on stun. Once Ralph is at Purple and late game at Red his survivability is a lot better.

However as previously stated Ralph just isn’t a strong tank. His lackluster defenses and lower HP pool does not make him a great tank in that regard. His control abilities are pretty nice though with a team stun, team silence and decent single target stun and his stuns have increased duration with his disk with Vannelope. He may be better if paired with another tank like Hades or Baymax to give him some increased survivability but once again all of this is a major investment when there are simply better tanks like Goofy, Oogie, GMN, etc.

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