My Red Skills best to worst in my opinion

  1. Scare Quota. The reason why I gave this skill the gold medal is because of not only Sulley gaining stacks of Hardy to prevent Huey Dewey and Louie from stunning him , but he’ll also grant his team a shield.
  2. Unseen Advantages. The reason I ranked Violet’s red skill so high is because when she gets it , she gains a lot of Skill Power when she or an ally became invisible. My Violet’s red skill is at level 27 and she almost gains 50,000 skill power.
  3. The Dash. The reason I gave Dash’s red skill the bronze medal is because his movement speed and attack speed is increased by 200% for 9 seconds I would have given it the silver medal if Dash wasn’t tired for 4 seconds.
  4. Aw Shucks. The reason I didn’t put Goofy’s red skill in the top 3 is because his stuns with Two Left Feet only lasts for 4 seconds. But he gives his team Skill Power for stacks of Groovy. Other than that. It was decent.
  5. Self made Super. Syndrome’s Red skill is good. But the reason I put it in the middle is because 500 energy lost wasn’t enough. But yet his green skill now studies all enemies. In other words , it’s pretty good.
  6. Gotta keep up. I really dislike Aladdin’s red skill. It supposed to prevent debuffs from effecting him. I just wish there was a cool down for this red skill.
  7. Unfair Play. I really do not like Oggie Boggie or his skills or his red skill. His red skill suppose to increase his max hp for every 1s on the dice. It’s constantly activated too much. I really wish there’s a cool down in that skill as well.
  8. Spring the trap. I simply do not like Huey Dewy or Louie or their skills or red skill. They’re red skill decrease their targets basic damage and armor up to 3 times. This bugs me sooo much! I just wish it only stacks once.

In the title, it saids “worst to best.” But you are talking about red skills from best to worst. Maybe you can change that up…


Oh. Sorry about that. Let me fix that. :smirk:


Ok done. :slightly_smiling_face:

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