My thoughts on All heroes

Hello, this will be a HUGE topic in the feature so it might take some time to read.

Updates will be slow as I need to to see how heroes work etc.


Ralph is a front line tank hero

How do I get Ralph?
Right as you start the game you get him nothing else.

He is not the best tank ever. He has low HP and damage as well.

But when yuu level him up he’s decent, get the [VE] disk and it stuns which is good for a tank.

Overall he is weak but underrated he can be good sometimes if you have the right healer with him.

Should you power him up?
I think you should.


The grand super
How do I unlock her?
From the start nothing else

She is a mid line damage hero,

She is not that good really either
Max HP


Normal Crit


Max HP

Normal Criit

Max HP

HP Regen
Skill Power
Max HP

She is good when you level her up ALOT, other then that not really.


How do I get her?
From just playing the intro.
Stars, 1
Position: back
Team: blue

Vanellope is decent for a old hero but she has to be leveled up a lot she has some good splash damage. I just feel like she news more damage, minty fresh can be the death to any enemy.

Fix it Felix

How do I get him?
Diamond crates, and elite.
Stars 2
Position: front
Team: blue.

Felix the tank that you think is good but turns around. Nothing he has is special no good attacks and he only stalls the only good thing you can use him for is he heals himself, but rafiki can do it to. So nothing really good.


Role: control
Position: back
Stars 1
How do I get him do the story mode.

He is a decent hero his freezing can be very helpful, now there are better freeze characters.
frostbite is a very good move and mabye his best. Also his disk with eve cool as ice is what I think is the his bet disk


Theres nothing yet? Huh. Ok.

But dis does seem interesting.

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Added a little to read

Actually Ralph is powerful. He is used on multiple arena teams and his stun is powerful


Ralph and elastigirl aren’t bad at all, Ralph’s stun is great and elastigirl’s white skill with the vanellope disk is great for invasion

It’s just that people get swayed by other opinions and rumors, every hero is great as long as you max their skills


Comparing any maxed old hero and new hero will give same results, winner will be new hero.

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Hope that was how it works experience wins

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Updated: added Felix and vanellope.

Sorry for taking so long.

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