My thoughts on the Brutes (The Blue Creeps with a bat)

Possibly the hardest creep to defeat the brutes. You might have all experience that. That creep keeps on using their shield and their is also some point when the time runs out when defeating this creep. And I sometimes wished that is creep will use less of their shield and more into winning this level to get to the next chapter. But it’ll make the game more easier. Brutes can be a bit annoying and hard to defeat, maybe the strongest creepy ever! And there is some characters that can defeat brutes like Scar and Maleficent. Tell me in the comments on your experiences with the brutes and other characters that could defeat them. I think brutes are pretty OP when the levels get harder. Well, I’m just saying.

Scar can’t kill brutes, he doesn’t deal Fantastic damage.

Sulley can usually Scare brutes and knock them down with his blue skill if he does it enough times.

I personally think that Jack Skellington is one of the better heroes for killing off brutes. He deals pure Fantastic damage, and his basic attacks deal both splash and dot, helping him damage brutes while also chipping away at some others.

Note that these are just two quick examples. There are NUMEROUS more ways to KO brutes.

Also, there are plenty harder enemies than Brutes, they’re on the easier side . . .


It’s really not a shield but immunity to normal damage.
Brutes even tho annoying in making time running out, they are very easy to deal with as long you run heroes with fantastic damage with the exception of friendship campaign where you may have to level the required heroes in order to progress.


And to add on, as stated by @Pepper, brutes just serve as a roadblock against Normal damage to help protect back/midline. They actual deal pretty menial Damage.

I like to use QOH or Woody to counter this.


I use a Sulley-Nick Combo to beat Brutes, particularly because of their Burst Damage (3 Pawpsicles and 3 Toys).

Brutes also have their counterparts, skeletons who are immune to fantastic damage, and ghouls who go through phases where they are immune to all damage. Brutes aren’t unique, but can sometimes be scary in friend campaigns.

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Exactly! The worst part is when you are not remembering of a stage with brutes and you want to farm it for whatever reason with a team without fantastic damage! Eheheh game over bye byeeee!
Other than that, I love blasting them with my beloved Zurg!

The only times I remember Brutes being an issue was in the Violet-Merida campaign, and Olaf-Moana campaign.
Both had brutes in chapter 1, so the only way to defeat them was with Violets shield roll and olafs freeze… slow going, and forced you to level up their skills to get past.

Also in heist, where SuperHeistPro2004 or whoever it may be decides to start a fight with no fantastic heroes in the same universe, and times out.

Aside from that if you encounter them in regular campaign, just use fantastic damage.

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Brutes are not an issue. In any mode as long as u either level the required skill or play semi smart.

Move on


If there are numerous ways, then please list them.

I destroy brutes with Alice or Elsa, just make sure to keep a Fantastic damage character on your main roster.

They are annoying though.

Emperor Zurg
Jack Jack
Jack Skellington
Kevin Flynn
Mad Hatter
Nick Wilde
Sulley & Boo
Tia Dalma

Brutes ARE an issue in invasion, they get whole team attention and prevent from attacking mama bot(boss).
In some friend campaign they are also annoying.

Maybe Brutes should receive only 10% of incoming normal attacks (not 0% like now), it will be still hard but at least beat-able to everyone.