My Villanous Wishlist 😈

Here are the heroes i want for Halloween:

Shere Khan
Brer Fox
Brer Bear


Incredibly unlikely seeing as the ride is closing and are now considered extremely racist

They could do it for a bit of nostalgia.

Think about it, this year, they already have added Kida, Powerline and Goliath (character they haven’t used in a long time). So why not Brer Fox and Brer Bear? (Don’t anwser that.)

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Also i want was Rourke from Atlantis.

All are fine, but what about henchmen, like the Hyenas, Kronk, Horace and Jasper?

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Well, Kronk may be a henchman, but he did turn good. But he did get his own direct to video movie.

Well, in this game, if her friendship campaigns are an indication, Kronk is still working for Yzma

If i had to go with henchmen it would be

Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed
Mr. Smee
Jasper and Horace

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Yep. That’s true.

Here’s one, considered a villian to many but wasn’t… Peters dragon, George :grin:

I want zira🦁

And lefou.

Awesome selections! And would love to see them all appear someday!

Especially Shere Khan, Kaa, Brer Fox, Brer Bear, Raitgan, Hopper, and Pete.

Don’t forget the Big Bad Wolf also! :smiley:

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