Mystery Baby (Renewed)

This is a renewed version of Soos from a concept I made about two months prior

Soos Ramirez

“My wisdom is both a blessing and a curse”

Soos is a front-line tank hero

Trial Team: Blue

Stars: :star::star:


Entrance: Soos walks into the battlefield and pulls his hat down a bit

Victory: Soos raises his fist into the air and pulls it down quickly for a bit

K.O.: Soos takes off his cap and puts it on his chest and looks down, frowning

Basic Attack: Soos punches an enemy, dealing Y damage


White Skill: Big Barrier
Soos spreads his arms out, granting allies a shield that can deal up to X damage for 15 seconds

When allies are shielded by Soos, they gain X skill power and 10 tenacity

Green Skill: Fixer Upper
:fist: Fantastic Damage
Soos throws his wrench at an enemy, dealing X damage, decreasing their attack speed by 60% for 4 seconds.

This effect may fail against enemies above level Z

Blue Skill: Blinded Mystery
Soos pulls up his shirt, revealing a series of glowing question marks, dealing X damage, blinding enemies for 7 seconds

Blind may fail against enemies above level Z

Like this:

Purple Skill: Protect with Life
Soos gains X HP whenever an ally is given a buff

Red Skill: Handyman of the World
Soos grants all allies X armor whenever they are granted a shield

This effect is reduced against allies above level X

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Skill Power
+Z Armor
+Z damage with “Fixer Upper”

X = Skill Power; Y = Basic Damage; Z = Level Cap


Soos - Goofy
DJ Mixer
Longer Blind
Allies: Hercules, Jafar, Felix

  • “Mystery Marked” deals X more damage
  • “Mystery Marked” now blinds enemies for 1 more second

Soos - Frozone
Frozen Fist
Cool Punches
Allies: Olaf, Hiro, Elsa

  • +X Basic Damage
  • Soos now freezes enemies every 3rd basic attack for 3 seconds (increases by 1.5 seconds for ever added star)

Hope you liked it!


You could had just edited the last one…

I did not want to revive it

Mystery baby?

Grunkle stan?, mabel?. You must create another concept for he.

I think they are fine as they are. I thought Soos really needed one. He was, as @Soulkeeper_David has said, a glorified Felix concept, and he wasn’t wrong. I remade Scrooge because the one I made first was when I first started making concepts, and it wasn’t as good as I had hoped

I have a couple remarks about this concept.

  1. I like the quote.

  2. His blue skill is weird to me. SPOILER ALERT! This skill was used one time in Stan’s mind…I do not particularly like it.

I have an idea as a different skill, though undoubtedly you could find a different one too.

Idk the skill name, but Soos could eat a bite of his infinite pizza gaining more energy and maybe healing or blinding the enemies with it, if you want. which at least was done in the real world. I suppose if you wanna keep the skill like that you could.

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Skill Name: Infinite Pizza

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Well, yah, I just thought you might be able to come up with something more clever.

breathes in deeply it feels so good to knoe all about Gravity Falls! :grin:

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Well it’s a good show. If you wanna know more, the creator wrote some companion books as well!

No, I won’t be reading it ao it does not matter. Buying Merchandise isn’t really something I do, oh have you all read the Journal 3 I think it was? It reveals dipper 's real name and explains some other stuff.

I read a bit of it. Also YouTube can read these comics for you. Just search it up

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