Namaari. Hero concept

Quote: “In a different world, maybe we could have been friends. But I have to do what’s right for Fang,”
The princess of Fang uses her impressive fighting skills to take down whoever stands in her path to victory!
Entrance: Nammari struts into battle and draws her blades
Victory: Namaari throws her blades in the air and catches them
Defeat: Namaari throws her blades to the ground angrily

Team: Red
Stars: 1
Position: Front
Role: Damage

Basic attack: Namaari swipes with her twin blades

White skill: Fiercest Enemy
Namaari lunges at the enemy lineup and attacks them with her blades

Green skill: Cat Lady
Namaari calls her cat Serlot to attack the enemy with the highest hp

Blue skill: Dragon Pendant
Namaari brings out her dragon pendant, which heals herself and gives her 20% attack speed

Purple skill: Burn Them Out
Namaari calls a volley of flaming arrows to hit the enemy lineup, dealing 8000 damage

Red skill: Warrior of Fang
When Namaari uses Cat Lady, she now has two cats leap out and attack

Helga Sinclair

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I love your idea, but it’s not very detailed.

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