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Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Red

Entrance: Namaari rides on Serlot, then jumps out into her position.
Victory: Namaari pulls out her dragon necklace and places it near her heart.
Defeat: Namaari gets angry and throws her swords towards enemies (right side). Serlot: Makes angry expression.

Quote: “In a different world, maybe we could have been friends.”

Basic attack: Namaari uses her swords to attack nearest enemies, Serlot attacks enemies with its claws.

White skill: Fang’s Signature :fist:
Passive: Namaari’s pet, Serlot, accompanies her during each battle. Serlot has X HP, X Basic Damage, Normal Crit and Crit Damage equal to Namaari’s, and 50% of her Armor and Reality.

Active: Namaari slashes her swords at the nearest enemies 5 times, dealing X damage, removing active 2 buffs, and stunning them for 3 seconds with each hit. Namaari and Serlot are healed by 50% of the damage dealt and both gain 2 stacks of Hardy for each critical hit.

Green skill: Sword Block :fist:
Namaari blocks all attacks towards her for the next 3 seconds, after that duration, she uses her swords to knock back the nearest enemies, dealing X damage, and stunning them for 1 second per hit blocked.

Namaari is also immune to knockbacks during this skill.

Blue skill: Crossbow Blow :fist:
Namaari uses her crossbow and sends an arrow at the enemy with the lowest HP, targeting their heart, dealing X damage. If the target is below 65% of their Max HP it will immediately KO them, this can trigger once per wave if the enemy would not be KO’d normally.

Purple skill: Fierce and Angry
Namaari bypass all Invincible, Reflect, and Berserk buffs on enemies with her basic attacks and skills if they deal a critical hit.

Namaari’s Normal Crit is increased by 30 per enemy standing.

Normal Crit increase is reduced against enemies above level X.

Red skill: Cat Lady
Once per wave, when Serlot reaches 1 HP they cleanse from all negative effects and become Berserk for the next 10 seconds. While Serlot is Berserk, Namaari and Serlot have increased attack and movement speed by 150%.

Namaari has an 80% chance to ignore all negative effects while Serlot is on the battlefield.

The chance to ignore negative effects is reduced against enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Crit Damage


Jasmine - Missing Tiger

Stronger Serlot

  • +X HP to Namaari and Serlot
  • +X BD to Namaari and allies
  • +X Reality to Serlot
  • Once per wave, Serlot comes back after 5 seconds after being KO’d
  • Serlot’s Max HP and Basic Damage are increased by 30% (+30% per star)

Shego - Gem Heist

Enemies cannot be buffed at the start of each wave

  • +X SP to Namaari
  • +X SP to Namaari and allies
  • Enemies without buffs lose X Armor
  • Enemies cannot be buffed for the first 1 seconds of each wave (+1 second per star)

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