Nani Pelekai

Nani Concept

Stars at the beginning: :star2:
Role: Support
Position: Mid
Team: Blue

Entrance: Look passive.
Victory: Nani smiles.
Defeat: Nani pulls out a pillow and screams to it.

Quote: “Sometimes you try your hardest but things don’t turn out the way you want them to. Sometimes things have to change, and maybe sometimes they’re for the better.’’

Basic attack: Nani throws pillow at the closest enemy

White Skill: Surf The Wave :sparkles:
Passive: At the start of each wave, Nani surf on a wave into her position, the wave then continues to flowing until it hits the closest enemy, knocking back the nearest enemies, dealing X damage, and stunning them for 4 seconds.

Active: Nani surf on a wave through enemies, knocking them back, dealing X damage, and stunning them for 6 seconds on impact. When coming back, the wave heals allies by X HP and cleanses their debuffs.

Green Skill: Watch Out, Stupidhead! :fist:
Whenever an enemy comes to the melee range of Nani, she kicks the target, knocking them back and dealing X damage. Nani can use this skill once every 4 seconds.

Blue Skill: Ohana Bonds
At the beginning of each wave, the player chooses an ally for Nani to Bond, applying ‘‘Bonds’’. The ally with ‘‘Bonds’’ becomes immune to debuffs, their attack and movement speed increased by 100%, gains extra X Max HP, and has increased basic damage by X. This buff gets removed once Nani is KO’d.

While on Auto, Nani Bonds with the front-most ally.

Purple Skill: Good Sister
Nani and allies receive a stack of Hardy every 3 seconds.
When a stack of Hardy is removed by any source, the ally heals X HP.

Red Skill: Aloha!
When the ally with ‘‘Bonds’’ reaches for the first time in the wave 75%, 50%, and 25% of their Max HP they become Invincible for 3 seconds. ‘‘Bonds’’ stay on the ally for 6 more seconds after Nani is KO’d.

Nani and allies block first X damage from each True Damage hit.

Additional stat boosts:


Lilo - Game Night

Stronger '‘Bonds’'

  • +X HP
  • +X SP
  • Ally with ‘‘Bonds’’ gains extra X SP
  • Whenever an ally with ‘‘Bonds’’ ignores Debuff they gain 10 Energy (+10 Energy per star)
  • ‘‘Aloha!’’ now triggers also when ally reaches 1% of their Max HP; this Invincibility is also granted to Nani for 3 seconds (+1s per star)

Moana - Call of the Ocean

Debuff Immunity for Allies

  • +X SP to Nani and allies
  • +X BD to Nani and allies
  • Nani and allies are immune from Debuffs after the first 3 seconds of the wave for 4 seconds (+1s per star)
  • +8% Energy Gain to Nani and allies after the first 10 seconds of the wave (+8% per star)

Very nice concept. The Blue skill with the bonds is too OP, with the hole debuff immunity. Remember Broken Dash, DW, and more…

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