Narrator? Outfit?

does anyone have a narrator version of Jack Jack? I Need it for something and cant seem to find it thanks in advance :grinning:


Jack Jack :baby:

I am aware of who Jack-Jack is, but I never heard of his “narrator” outfit

It’s the version of the character they use in campaign modes, like where Scrooge or Jasmine we’re first seen

Oh. Just restart on another server, unlock Jack-Jack and his friendships. Like Elastigirl or Chief Bogo

If I do that it won’t just be his background, it will have other things in it, I want just like they use in the patch notes :smiley:

His narrator image is the same as his normal hero screen image is it you want the city behind him or nothing behind him?

nothing behind him

Ok give me a minute and I’ll see what I can do

Ok thank you :blush:

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Thank you very very much @Black_Widow :slight_smile:

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