Need help making a strong arena defence

those whole tema proballey need change. what is a op team for arena i work on mostly all the defence unit but dont really

I’d maybe change my team if this is what I have. One is to take away 1 support and replace that with Mulan or someone who can help boost Zeus’s stuns and saps. (ie. Evil Queen (Ga), and Hamm(Sc))

Kermit… Idk if that’s a good place to put there. If Zeus is charmed, and he saps someone in your team, it might kill someone, but it can also render someone to be not useful. Either Ariel cleanses or remove the debuff, if possible. Or Kermit unsaps the team and energy is given. A bit of a conflicting choices here.

Bro, you have four supports and one damage. You need a tank in there. Plus, if anyone charms you it’s over, Zeus will kill your team. I think you need an entire rework

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three supports.

did you think pocahontas was support?

Some of the roles can be better placed. Yes she has a good stun, but she mostly revolves around support. Kind of like how Basil is a “control” hero that has no way to control his enemies, or Gadget being damage, despite having horrible damage and her entire kit revolving around control.

It’s more 50-50 :man_shrugging:

Study is considered a control hero thing to do

I can defnitely agree with this.

i dont really care for zeus on defence just want to make a strong defesive team

so dont mind the chracters thats there

There is no unbeatable lineup, if you play in high ELO you’ll need one that is hard to beat in less than 10 seconds

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Yep, I’m gonna agree on that. If you want to make your opponents have a tough time against you just build a team using heroes that revive. Hades(red), gaston, ian+joy(red)+meg. I can think of these.
You can counter these as well using queen of hearts or Randal with yzma disc but not many people use this offensively.
To sum up, good arena defense team is considered one that prevents quick wins. Not high power. It’s all about the points after all.

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