Need more gold

I have been having trouble getting my characters level up. The main problem is the lack of gold. The amount you can buy is just a million. Does anyone have tips on how to get more gold? Also thinking of just focusing on getting only s tire heroes since gold is limited. any thoughts?


Focus on skills that have a chance to fail, or that lose effectiveness, under a certain level. For more gold, learn how to use these recent OP heroes (especially Negaduck(Th), Rose(Ju), Pegasus, Kuzco, and Dante) to beat the strongest districts in your guild’s surge; Angel, Megara(Sh), Jim (with red skill), and maybe Tiana can help your OP hero survive long enough to start attacking, and for Pegasus, heroes like Olaf or Shan Yu can get in front of him and help ensure he gets his first attack off.


Need more purple xp to sell


The main source of gold is Surge. If you have enough characters built up to high power ratings, you can get over a billion gold a day. My main account does that. However, my baby account can’t do that and runs into serious trouble trying to spend all the stamina that we now are getting. Here are the tricks I try:

(1) Sell everything that’s not nailed down. XP items maybe but definitely the thousands of badge bits. And don’t forget red skill chips. Which brings us to…

(2) Raid all the elite stages you can every day, just to get red skill chips to sell. Maybe use the elite backpacks to double your gains. And when doing so, use the items to reset elite chances and go again. Of course, this takes forever.

Personally, I’m running low on items to sell and items to help raid elites, so what else can I do?

(3) Improve your low ranked heroes. If you have any heroes in the blue, purple, or even orange ranks, you may find that they gain almost as much gold as they spend when ranking up, so that’s a good place to dump stamina.

But what if you don’t have any more low ranked heroes, but you still have 500k stamina to spend but no gold?

(4) Cry. That’s all I’ve got left as a suggestion. That’s where I’m at now with my baby account. I try buying tons of those badges that only need stamina and not gold but that doesn’t really help advance anyone and it also takes forever…but not as long as it takes when I try to spend just the stamina requirements but not the gold for badges.


Even then… the gold right now is definitely not adequate to stamina needed.

For most of the rank up until Y30 you need gold in amount of 1000x stamina.
Now that we get 360k stamina for 50 diamonds, we also need to be able to get 360M Gold for 50 diamonds for it to be adequate (or 72M for 10 diamonds)… yet the Buy More Gold feature only gives 2M Gold for 10 diamonds.
Other modes give trash gold and ta-da-da-da-da you could name it all if you want.
Surge should give at least 5x more gold than it does. Ideally tied up with the same formula as mercenary costs - then mercenaries won´t be a problem. Etc.



  1. Buy stamina everyday → 50x2
    (If you have spare gems like me i buy 50x2 and 100x4)
  2. Save up for 3 days. Then max raid a chapter with valuable badge bits that costs 1000 gold and up.

I spent 3mil stamina, and then sold badge bits and xp drinks. Got about a few bil( i forgot)

Point is, there is no " gold shortage " in the economy. Just buy stamina everyday, wait for a day to spend it all and reap the rewards. I did this about 2 to 3 times and was able to get about 15bil gold.


Each midnight is when I’ve spent 50 gems×2 to buy stamina then raid each level until I have 1000 badge bits or higher of the badges available in each part of each chapter and saved gold from that and surge. Now I’ve got 47 billion gold saved up.

There definitely is a gold shortage in a way that… you need gold in amounts of 5,000x the stamina.
But if you spend 1000 stamina you won’t get 5M Gold worth of stuff.
Maybe it’s time to up the gold amount per raid a bit @TheGrillFather?

Would be nice if with double drops the amount of gold dropped would be 5M for 1000 stamina… or 3M for 600 stamina spent.

Without double drops that would be 1.5M for 600 stamina spent (100 raids).
Meaning 15,000 per raid. Currently the gold is just over 1,000 per raid, roughly 13x less.

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