Need to be a millionaire in order to play

I cannot believe that all of a sudden the most useful bundles are now mostly $99.99. You may see something for $49.99 occasionally. The slightly “affordable” bundles are just a waste of money for what your putting in them. We need stamina to get ahead in this game and spending $99.99 for a halfway decent bundle is totally ridiculous. You are going to be losing more and more players as no one will be able to play at these costs and they will get tired of not being able to advance.


Yeah agree we went from 22euto 10mil stam packs to 114 euto for 5-7mil pack. But stam cost went up crazy…


What a joke this has become. Trying to kill the game not fix the issues it has. Charlatans.


They are not? What deals are you looking at?

Most useful are for $20-50, and sometimes ~$10.


I’m looking at it this way after spending WAY too much on this game. Now I can put that into something I actually enjoy and other games that have what I want. But I agree for the most part…

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Dont agree on that. The most good deals i got cost 114dollars nothing under. Didnt buy anything after the cap.

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What are you talking about?

Daily deals?? They are all bad.

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Yes. So i think the translation was not good.

Millionaire? Nice hyperbole.

The best deals are $20 or $10. Ignore the rest. Those are for whales. You can be free to play, but for your sanity, spend $5 to get VIP 6

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