Need veteran assistance with my rosters

Help me out as best as you can and thank you so much.

That Zeus looks unprotected from anti-Zeus technology. A single Ian might kill him dead. A Mary could stop him from doing his one useful thing. I would protect him with at least one of the following: Sisu or Fairy Godmother for protection from reflect and Mad Hatter with maxed red skill (if you have him with maxed red skill) to protect against Mary.

I might also protect him from an enemy Zeus by moving Ian and Meg over to the Zeus team, while dropping Angel to the third team to protect Shego, but maybe you’re more worried about protecting Shego with Ian and Meg.

Also, if Drakken is in the rear, he ruins the good Ian/Meg combo that you get when Meg is in the rear spot.

Drakken should be donating his own reflect to the meg or shego anyway, though. But I’m still not sure having them both in the same line is necessary

I like swapping Angel to line 3 for Ian and Meg, but I’d then also take out Shank to make sure Zeus gets the link with Meg in line 2

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