Needed heroes

Perry the platypus (blue team)

Stars: :star:
You can only get his hero chips
From golden crates, or diamond crates, or sign in




Spin attack (white)

Perry does a spin attack with his leg
Dealing 1970 damage to nearby enemies.

Rope swinger (green)

Once per wave after 3 seconds, perry
Will spawn swinging on a rope and knock back enemies by kicking them dealing 6500 damage. The knock back has a chance to fail against enemies above level 10.

Baseball blaster (blue)

Once per wave after 11 seconds, perry will
Stun enemies for 6.5 seconds by shooting a baseball with his
Baseball blaster dealing 11750 damage. The stun
Has a chance to fail against enemies above level 5.

Protected platypus (purple)

Once per wave, perry the platypus will gain a shield with 478400 hp, which lasts for 5 seconds.

Muscular platypus (red)

“Baseball blaster” and “rope swinger”
will stun enemies for 13.9 seconds

Additional boosts:
340000 + hp
27090 + dmg
10000 + shield hp
7.4 + stun time


Kim possible
Quest difficulty: shocking
Disk: spy glasses
Once per wave, Perry gets a chance to study an enemy

He could also be friends with Gizmo duck or someone from Ducktales

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Only previous sign-in characters get into guild crates, and you didn’t label him as sign-in instead from gold and diamond crates :thinking:

Next time, instead of numbers, labeled it as a variable like X
And what enemy did Perry does his spin attack to?

Same goes with levels, make it a variable

So many abilities happening once per wave!!! :dizzy_face:

Like what I said for damage and level

and again…

Uh… ok?
What does the Perry and Kim friendship disc do? And where’s the second disc?

Check out A Guide to Making Character Concepts to help you improve on concepts in the future.


True there both part bird

Yeah, that’s true

I don’t want to be rude… but you put it in the wrong category. I think you’re supposed to put it on hero concepts.
(Edit)I noticed that someone told you about it.

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It’s ok for him to have opinions. (I am back)

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