Negaduck Hero Concept

Negaduck, :star: :star:, Damage, Frontline,
Team Trials: Red.
Quote: “You want grim and gritty, huh? Well, happy to play the part.”
Bio: The Darkwing Duck from the Negaverse has jumped into action, ready with his chainsaw and bravery.
Entrance: Negaduck walks in.
Basic Attack: Negaduck punches an enemy, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Crazed Chainsaw.
Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Negaduck grabs out his chainsaw and runs at an enemy with it, dealing X damage and stunning that enemy for 6 seconds.

Green Skill: Cake Portal Popper.
Normal Damage :fist:
Negaduck jumps into the cake portal and appears behind the enemies, and whacks them, dealing X damage and silencing them.

Blue Skill: Tease Tantrum.
Negaduck teases an enemy and laughs, taunting that enemy.

Purple Skill: Razor Blades.
Negaduck’s white skill deals 55% more damage.

Red Skill: Triple Layer Cake.
Negaduck’s green skill deals 65% more damage.
-Speed increases by 55% for 10 seconds.
-Defense increases by 75% for 20 seconds.

Friendship 1: Negaduck and Darkwing Duck.
Campaign Story: Let’s Get Dangerous. “Negaduck is assigned to partner up with D.W. for a top secret mission.”
Disk: Danger That Flaps In The Night.
Basic Attack deals 55% more damage.

Friendship 2: Negaduck and Megavolt.
Campaign Story: Mission: Destruction. “Negaduck is assigned with Megavolt to cause destruction and havoc.”
Disk: Mega Voltage.
White Skill has more of a chance to deal critical damage.

Extra Bonus:

This Negaduck funko pop.

And this Negatron funko pop.

If you enjoyed this, that’s good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice! 9/10!

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i’m happy you like it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Shouldn’t it be red?

his outfit was yellow, so i chose yellow

The Classic Or New?

I think it’s a combination of both

Darkwing is from the red team, so Negaduck should also be red

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I believe this guy is actually coming to the game clap clap

Ich hoffe dass Negaduck ins Spiel kommt… Wäre mega cool

Beleben Sie Themen nicht wieder, insbesondere wenn es sich um Konzepte handelt.

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