Negative Mod Upgrades (proposal)

With the enhancement of Baymax, heroes with high crit stat struggle to deal damage and sometimes deal less than non-crit damage . For example, a hero with +200 crit and +50 crit dmg above enemy’s level deals 90% of non-crit damage.

So, I hope there’ll be mod upgrades that do opposite, like -16 crit instead of usual +16, so that heroes have more options.

Intentionally slowing a hero with -speed mods would make some skills’ duration longer and therefore could extend invincibility or untargetability applied by the skills.

Negative shield mods deals damage to the equiped hero instead of giving a shield, so that they gain “below X HP” buffs at the start of a battle.

Decreasing armor/reality increases reflect damage and also reduces Calhoun’s attack bonus.

I think this can expand strategies which makes this game even exciting.

Totally not. Bad idea.

Just counter shields, there’s plenty of ways to get rid off shields.
Shields were terrible in use for over 2 years so it’s good something has changed, neither the reductions are new.

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The more options there are, the better.

If MH and Joy are in enemy’s team, you can’t remove or block the shields, and even if you successfully remove them, Timon&Pumbaa blocks crits. Just like there are lots of counter-shield strategies, there are also many anti-counter-shield ways.

My suggestion is just one possible choice against Baymax’s crit damage reduction.

Not everyone has heroes who can deal with shields.

Different players invest resources on different heroes, so they have to choose a way that is practically possible for them, which could be -crit mods.

Some people prefer removing the shields and others prefer other ways.

Besides, as I said in the original post, negative Mods could bring some new outside-the-box strategies which might contribute to the thriving of the game.

What has Hatter to do with this? Nothing.
Joy’s red skill is bugged so you can remove buffs.

Loutre said you’re suppose to have bunch heroes upgraded, and variety was always important. It’s not game’s issue.

Everything has a counter once you understand the game.
For example… true damage exist, or 22.

As preventative measures, fatigue can block shields and hex blocks activation of white skills, but MH’s red skill nullifies these debuffs.
And about Joy’s red skill, it’s just for now. Tron can no longer remove buffs at the start of a battle if her red skill gets fixed.

Yes, variety is important. Not only heroes or skills variety, but also mods variety.
I’m not complaining about the game, all I’ saying is that I just want some new ways or features that are taken into consideration when building a team, just like Patch or other hero enhancing system.

As you said, getting rid of the shields or using true damage are surely ways to counter against Baymax. But don’t you think decreasing crit is also a counter if it eventually deals higher damage?
I believe so and this makes playing style more various since this strategy hasn’t been used and newly added.
Adding mods that behave oppositely can result more various ways to make a team.

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