Nerd out with The Slaughterhaus

Calling all the Odd-balls, nerds, disney lovers
Cone join Slaughterhaus…

We are a fast advancing guild. Our players are active. All of our officers are reachable and will respond. As a leader I’m very active and there to help. We want to be a top guild and we are looking for active players who want to be apart of active guild.
we have a hell of a time. Were an odd bunch but were dedicated. In our invasion we are in first. We are placed at 50th place for guild
We have been growing and learning. We have jobs for the officers, weekly meetings, and spreadsheets we are nerding out so come join our crazy Slaughterhaus guild where being 30 and geeking out on disney heros is encouraged.

We’re on server 22 mysterious journal

The best thing to do is stop reviving this topic and advertise your guild on your server


It’s the third time they have posted this, at this point it’s just spam

It’s not spam

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Why because we are trying to find more members. Maybe I’m doing something wrong educate me.

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U are rigth its not spam.

My bad I thought I was posting it there.

U are ok. It’s in the Rigth section

You could just post it in global chat, and you posted the same topic three times, I would recommend using global chat it gets more members than the forums


U can do it in:
The unofficial official Reddit comunity
The unofficial official discord server.
And in games chat.

If u post it in here atleast give a week before posting again.

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Thanks I appreciate it

Np, YW!!!

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