Nerf Alice!


Hello guys, now I talking about this Alice the support hero from Alice in the wonderland. Hmm… I think this hero is very OP in class support, and i think she not support, she like tank semi damage.

Because she, i stuck on breaker quest 39.

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I had a similar problem with Alice in Invasion. Send in your weakest hero by themself against her. She will instantly trigger her special and empty her bar, making her much (MUCH!) easier for your main team to kill on your next attempt.

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Have you tried Quorra, Hiro and Scar? Quorra’s Purple skill deals dmg by percentage of health, so Alice’s giant status doesn’t mean anything. Try very hard to time your Hiro’s stun and Scar’s silence so Alice can’t heal herself (she only heals with her white skill). That should give you 14-15s window to bring her down.

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I too suffered this problem just get every boost (Especially Invincibility) and then go in with your best team after sending in your weakest.


Lock her up with control - Freeze, stun, charm, etc., then your damage heroes can take her out.

My favorite is using Mal against her because I find the massive thorn bush amusing.

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She’s still susceptible to stuns, charms, and freezes while she’s giant. Just bring your control heroes in and lock her down the entire time. Happens to my Alice in arena all the time.


I new someone would ask for a nerf for Alice.

How long will it take for Hercules/Megara I wonder… :thinking:

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I think instead of nerfing any more characters they should just introduce a new character who’s stats change at random at the start of every fight, one fight they could be as useless as a level 4 Felix, the next they could be more powerful than a maxed out Jack sparrow wearing an infinity gauntlet. But there’s no way of knowing what will happen until the fight starts.
Can you imagine the carnage that would cause in the arena?


Alice is a bit tough 2 KO. But she isn’t undefeatable. She can be countered.


I tried that way with the right team combination between it, Darkwing, moana, Scar, Maleficent, and Nick. The result is that I can defeat him even though Scar died the last time.