Nerf Maximus!

Pls nerf Maximus is stupid he can beat all my team alone. He hasn’t any skill with lvl limit, wtf is that!!!


3 of his skills deals damage and 2 does have a level cap. Also he’s slowly getting powercreeped, so I don’t think he deserves that much of a nerf now.


Eh he not that op who is op is sadness

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Maximus and Sadness aren’t OP.

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He really isn’t that difficult to counter, try out different heroes rather than the standard 15 coli teams lol

Maximus and sadness needs a nerf

Please dont revive dead topics :slight_smile:
If You arent contributing something pertinent to the topic!
Maximus can be countered by CC before he gets his white.
Sadness as well, Both are counterable.
Ngl They have so much high HP
Hope It Helps!:grinning:


No this dead topic must be alive! Maximus and sadness have so much HP and sadness green skill does the same amount to damage Cheshire white skill do!

Depends on server lvl. At 165, both of these have tons of tenacity so CC by itself does nothing to them. :roll_eyes:

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