Nerf Meilin Lee

I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss that idea, actually. Today I sparred against a team of Meilin, Pacha, Jim, Kermit, and Drakken. It took many team rotations, but I finally got them with: Zeus, Pocahontas, Mary, Minnie, and Gothel. Minnie’s charm didn’t cause Meilin to wreck the enemy team, but it did stop them from attacking long enough for my guys to deal some serious damage to them. I believe Pacha (as usual) was the last one to go down, but he did eventually.

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Tener nuevos héroes que son difíciles de atacar o neutralizar con los actuales solo significa que los que vienen después podrán hacerlos y así los necesitaremos, haciendo que el proceso de adquirirlos sea muy provechoso y costoso. Así es el juego señoras ups señores.

Lately, I’ve been finding Shego to be the best Meilin killer. For best results, have Jim Hawkins on the team with her. King Louie, with a maxed Animal disc also helps.

Unfortunately the game balancing was off on so many occasions in the past 4 1/2 years.
But remember, new op heroes are a selling point for PB, especially by catering the whales.
Just wait 2 months. Then Meilin Lee will be nerfed automatically after several new op heroes are going to be released. Rinse and repeat.

I agree with this, seriously they were doing so good at making heroes that don’t one shot an entire team with one skill. Now it is back to square 1 sort of with Quasimodo,

Lol not even Quasimodo…

Well using aurora, and tron works for removing shields, but they only work if their skill level is equal to or higher than meilin’s level. I believe darkwing’s disk from nick works from nullifying shields, randall’s disk from yzma can remove the shields although it must be at 4-5 stars to work, and triton can destroy the shields however it can only work if triton’s skill level is equal to or higher level than meilin’s level.

If you’re using randall’s disk to remove buffs, don’t use his white skill too often as you want him to focus on removing the shields.

after that you wanna hit her hard with a high damage heroes like bolt, go go, and wasabi.

Unless one is whale, finding counters is difficult.
A thread elsewhere mentioned Minnie Mouse was a counter to the hero in question.
For me to have discovered that, I would have had to upgrade Minnie from Orange to Yellow, an expensive proposition.

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