Nerf Meilin Lee

It’s definitely no fun to watch your team, 20/30k advantage with most characters with several stars, get eliminated by a single star Meilin Lee. I’m not new to the game, but Meilin Lee desperately needs a significant nerf.

Having one character that basically can wipe out entire squads (at any rarity) completely undermines the “strategy” aspect of this game. It also disrupts the competitive balance to those who’ve pain stakingly crafted squads, only to lose because of one horribly overpowered character. Time and time again.

Restore the balance to Arena and Colosseum, nerf Meilin Lee. ASAP.


What heroes are you using?

Firstly, new heroes are stronger so use them rather
Secondly, Shego and Zeus are just as powerful and can kill an entire team without proper counters

You just need to find a counter for her like any other hero


Around 10 other heroes can do that as well.

No, no, no. It needs help, but the issue is the point system, not the heroes themselve.

Just counter her, nobody needs a nerf.


What counters would work well against her, I’ve tried Pacha and Prince Philip, and neither worked.
Edit: Through some experimenting, I discovered Minnie Mouse is a good counter. You basically adopt the if you can’t beat ‘em join em mentality lol. Minnie will charm Melin and instead of her wiping out your team, she’ll instead wipeout her own


That’ll stop working as soon as she hits Red.

Meilin’s counter is oppressively high sustained DPS that isn’t reliant on debuffs. Like Shego, Mother Gothel, and Darkwing Duck.



You could use aurora fairy gothmother disk to reduce tenacity from meilins red skill and any hero with lots or tenacity.


Works on most Tenacity heroes, but not on Meilin. Or Perry. The two of them will typically have over 800 Tenacity, and Aurora’s disk doesn’t even come close to approaching that amount.

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Issue is new heroes are 10x stronger then any other hero and each new hero breaks the game more out of all previous heroes only let down is 22


what is the point of this post?

That is always going to be the case, if you try fight newer heroes with old heroes (few exceptions) you will lose, even if you have more power and higher ranks


Yes bets it’s really starting to get out of hand power creep wise

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more… way more…

Why is it people who can’t figure out effective counters immediately scream nerf ?


That’s the problem. Just because a character was introduced later than others, doesn’t mean they should be more powerful than them.

Unfortunately it is how most online games are created and how this one works as well.


If Meilin can wipe out your entire team, most likely Bolt,Zues,Shego and a lot of other heroes can do the same.
It’s most probably because your team isn’t built well enough


Hmm… well, a guild member told me that Vinny, Jim, and Go Go are good for taking out Shego. Has anyone ever tried using them on Meilin?

nerf? whats a nerf?

A nerf in this case would be a stat change that decreases the power of a hero. Nerfs tend to affect heroes that are very OP/broken.

oh thanks for telling

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