Nerf merlin?

  • Nerf merlin: it’s no fun to watch your entire team be turned into squirrels in 15 seconds vs merlin quarra barbossa (i counted)
  • Don’t Nerf merlin: He’s perfectly balanced and is basically equal to a ralph

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What do you mean by nerf?

Reduce his strengths aka make his purple only add 10 make his white last 5 seconds to list some drastics

Imo, he only needs a slight nerf, maybe capping the max amount of squirrels he can have at one time.


I hate Merlin. He’s too OP

He does need balancing, though I dont think it should that drastic. Perhaps limit his max amount of squirrels to 3, or put an innate cooldown of 5 seconds in between squirrels. Purple energy could also be cut in half. Merlin major weakness is that for a control heroes, he has barely any base control. He relies on allies to generate his White, and without it, hes somewhat lacking as a Control.

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