New Anti Cleanse glitch

Exhibit D: Aladdin not being affected by Baymax’s freeze with max red skill

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I will provide more if necessary

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Yes… judging from the first video it looks like a bug. I can’t replicate it as I never built my Kevin, but it looks like nothing was overlooked.

I just wanna say it might actually be Kristoff causing this. Not because he’s supposed to - he’s not. But because he has caused bugs with his freeze extension before when he was new (altough it didn’t involve cleanse, but the refresh also broke Donald so who knows what could have happened…). If you can replicate this interaction, seeing the interaction vs Baymax without Kristoff could be nice.

Also the skill level of enemies being boosted by mods doesn’t matter, let’s clarify that. That affects tenacity and evasion, not cleanse.


Two comparison videos coming up

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Here you go @Phal

One with and without Kristoff

And one that’s the same but with Aladdin slapped on

And it does look like we are back to 1st stage where it’s a Kristoff problem

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