New bug! Megabot doesn't die after Hiro's death

Just encountered a new bug, enemy Hiro died and his Megabot DIDN’T (and it proceeded to wipe out the rest of my team).

Invasion, Breaker fight 77, Ward fight 2 (Brute, Woody, blue Mage, Hiro, Ursula).

I don’t suspect this is true for players as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe he just bystands after hiro’s death

Maybe he is like an extra ally

Megabot is like an extra ally but before now it was always supposed to die when Hiro dies.


Maybe you have to kill him 2 times like some charecters

I thought Megabot only dies after hero wins a battle or goes on to another wave. I don’t think he automatically dies when Hiro does.

Bot was dying after Hiro’s defeat.
Now not.

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Yeah, it must be a minor issue.