New Character Alice


WHITE Skill LATE: White Rabbit come in slowing down all attack by 50% also enemy by 75% for 10 second s
GREEN skill Just a Dream: When Alice dies she will come back to life with 1,261 HP
BLUE skill off to the queen: Alice Skips threw the battle field dealing 523 damage per second with a 50% percent change to Stun and also fail if enemy is level 36 or higher
PURPLE skill Invisible Cat: Alice turns invisible for 5 second dealing 546 damage every second
FRIENDS is Woody at level 67 and Mickey at level 98

Next Character will be Queen Of Hearts or Mulan please tell me which one in commets


Mulan just cux queen of hearts is blech


Ok thanks For your opinion what do you think of Alice


There was a rumor about Alice coming to DHBM. But dat was like 5 months ago, or more.


I never saw Alice as making sense for an ingame character.


From the events the queen of hearts could make more sense to be added for valentines day