New characters ideas

I personally feel like these characters should be added as i feel they could have good use to game

Sully - would most likely be a tank role , this would also attract alot of new members as hes still very relevant

Rapunzel and pascal - would be a support role as rapunzel heals people and pascal would be damage as well why not

Sadness - control role , like how frozone and elsa freeze people sadness would slow people down and make their actions slow down by like 50%

Mulan - damage role as shes literally a warrior and i dont think theres anyone more bada** than her

Sully and Rapunzel are already in the game.

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Sulley And Rapunzel are actually appeared in this game. No offense.

not in my game

Your game?

yes in game its impossible for me to get either sully or rapunzel and everyone in my server doesn’t have them (the ones who replied on chat)

I have some characters ideas.

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