New contest, again


Unfortunately, it’s time to hit the table again. What do you think of these competitions? Do you have any more ideas? Does it really matter that the players run away and don’t feel like it anymore and are mad at you? Or are you secretly laughing up your sleeve?

You introduce the new price wall with new quests, great! And then again a competition where every player feels fooled. Arena fights again (in the last 8 weeks, that happened 6 times) really now?

Spending energy before an FTN competition? Isn’t the resource scarce enough already?

Gold again. Who has enough of it after your great changes? It is enough! Here, too, gold competitions week after week.

Earn price wall tokens. Nice idea, if you had announced the competition earlier, everyone has already completed most of the hero quests. So what’s that supposed to be? And don’t say you weren’t aware of it. Nobody believes you.

The same goes for Zeus, why level up these 30 skills? If it were unlimited it would be interesting.

I think you should make a lot more effort instead of making such crap.


I agree with some of your points it’s getting boring doing the same tasks over and over again. Things need changing up.

Only thing I don’t agree on is the business off people completing the hero quests for Zeus then the contest asking to earn prize wall tokens.

I don’t understand why people rush things its like a rush to get a max 6* Zeus to show off on your server. People knew there was a new contest coming up so hold off for a bit. That’s what I did and now I shall benefit from it

there used to be creativity for this game. all that has gone down the drain…
Contest used to have spend shop coins, gain guild influence n others…now is all abt spending gold,stamina or diamonds…
even in Challenges, PB used to come out with different ideas to make the game fun…but now…recycle takes less effort i guess…


I know what u mean, its a good point.

  • I try as guild leader, the new quest, to told my members how much they get and what they have to do.
  • other maybe love Zeus

and, it should be no problem for PB if they add a new function and combine it with the contest,
add a smal sence (Tomorrow is a Token contest - somehing like that)

There‘s an easy reason this time: the timing of the bonus stamina event.
A lot of people used backpacks to get the most out of it and for many people that was still running when Zeus was available.

I wish PB would plan a month and announce events and contest names in an event calendar. That would be so incredibly easy to do and people could finally make educated decisions on when it‘s best to use something or level someone.

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Does anyone else think it would be a good idea to add MODs to the prize walls? I think maybe add 1 every 5th level. Maybe even 10th if you want to hold back even more. Or maybe another way to get MODs.

Hey, can you maybe not revive dead topics please? Thanks!

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