New costume ideas!

Hello! I have some cool costume ideas in the back of my head! You can let me know what other ideas you like or like to talk about the costumes I’ve choose! First this one was the first idea of mine: Simba and Nala as adults. They are so cute as cub’s of course, but what if they become stronger in the city just like in the Pridelands? Yeah! Simba will have his amazing mane and Nala will have the charm to take down those creeps! And for Hiro, his super suit just like in the movie! If the rest of Big Hero 6 gots their suits, why not Hiro, the leader of the team?! And finally, Big Hero 6 Titanium armor!!! I got that idea from the Big Hero 6 series and it looks SICK!!! I hope that you like these ideas! Let me know what you think and I’ll respond!

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New Costumes won’t happen.


Wait really? Why? Did they stopped doing that?

Yes really

Too much of a lengthy process. It’s just as much work as a new character.



Huh… I can’t imagine Simba and Nala as adults pulling faces at their enemies. It can’t work.

Though, I’m in for Hiro’s new suit. They could do another costume collection as well, along with Mr. Incredible (Vintage costume), Judy (Farmer costume), Elsa (Show Yourself costume), Donald Duck (Noah’s assistant costume), Mulan (warrior costume), Pleakley (agent costume).

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I like those other Ideas! And there was a picture I saw on Pinterest where Adult Simba was making a face but you got a point. Instead of making faces, they might have to do something else.

They couldn’t do something else… that is one of their powers

You are right. I was thinking about that after submitting this post. It was just a silly thought that I had in mind and wanted to see what you would think.

Amphibia costumes

Anne armor

Sasha resistance

Marcy ranger

Sprig Polly Hop pop Earth costumes

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This concept is dead, please don’t revive dead topics

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